Deutschland in College Station

I haven’t been to Germany in 6 years, but my heart is definitely still there.  I miss it alot alot alot.  Living there and getting to experience all of the awesome things and countries that I was able to experience definitely shaped who I am today and make me so less jaded to our culture here (which is such a huge blessing).  I’ve been begging my parents for years to send me back just so I can be in the beautiful weather, marvel at how peaceful it is, and what the heck, eat all of the food that I miss so dearly.  Unfortunately, German food isn’t too popular here-atleast in Texas.  But much to my surprise, my mom and I discovered a little German restaurant in downtown Bryan.  Technically it’s considered Bavarian, but it had alot of native German food.

My mom feasted on Jagerschnitzel (pork) smothered in gravy (the best part) and Spatzle, which is a type of egg noodle.  A side of sauerkraut never hurts, especially when it’s fresh.  I couldn’t tell what they dressed it in, it was sweet and savory at the same time-so so perfect!

So mom too!

While I do like schnitzel and such, they didn’t have my favorites like kartoffelkuchen or bratwurst or spargel…my mouth is watering.  So I settled for Chicken Kiev-it was stuffed with herbed butter and served with mashed potatoes and a sauerkraut salad.

German pastries are really what I miss the most-I don’t know how Europe got it so right.  Donuts here just don’t do my stomach justice.  The Brauhaus didn’t have any pastries, BUT just being there I felt like I was in a little German town once again.  It was so refreshing, so nostalgic.  AND they had Apfelschorle on the menu, which is basically carbonated water & apple juice.  So simple, yet so exquisite.

If you can’t make it to Germany anytime soon, which would be so understandable, I highly suggest trying this place just to get a little taste of German culture!


Literally translates “sour cabbage”.  Yuck.  I have to admit, I never really liked it before my taste buds matured.  I wouldn’t eat it out of a can or in any other form than fresh, but it is good for you.  Low in fat and high in vitamin C…can’t beat that!

Cooking it is really simple-add it to a big pot, and for every cup of sauerkraut you use, add 3/4 cup of liquid (white wine is used alot, but water works as well).  Let it simmer for about an hour or until the liquid is absorbed.  And voila!  It’s beautifully paired with any kind of meat, potatoes, and gotta get some colored veggies in there!


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