Peanut Butta Honey Time

My camera cord should be arriving between today and the next 3 weeks!  So promising-thanks Amazon!

This morning started off beautifully, thanks to a newfound motivation after taking a 5-day hiatus of working out in the morning.  I started off on the treadmill to avoid the 100% humidity with a steady 4.22 mile run.

40-Minute Steady Run

Time      Speed      Incline
0-2            4.0          1.0% (for the whole run)
2-5            6.0
5-10          6.5
10-15        7.0
15-20        6.5
20-25        7.5
25-30       6.5
30-35       7.0
35-37       6.0
37-40       4.0          4.0%

I’m usually very ADD on the treadmill and need to touch buttons every 2 minutes, but I spent the entire time studying for my OChem final today and the time flew.

I then did one round of a cardio circuit, adapted from Peanut Butter Fingers.

Cardio Circuit
50 jumping jacks
30 jump ropes
20 plie squat pulses
30 jump ropes
60 high knees
30 jump ropes
60 butt kicks
30 jumping jacks
10 jump squats
30 jump ropes
10 burpees
30 jump ropes
60 second plank
30 second side plank (30 sec each side)
50 jumping jacks
20 squats
20 alternating lunges
50 jumping jacks

This only took about 12 minutes to complete and probably would’ve been even shorter had I not taken 8 water breaks.  I did some abs and then called it quits for the day to finish studying.

I was thinking about all the fun foods I used to eat in elementary school that they don’t make anymore!  Like Dunkaroos….

Out of all the nasty junk food that kids eat these days, WHY would they take these off the shelf?!
I was reminded of my go-to sandwich as a kid-peanut butter and honey on wheat bread.  Mouth watering, I decided to have a simple peanut butter and honey bowl of oats.

PB & Honey Oats
1/4 cup rolled oats + 1/4 cup quick oats
lots of cinnamon
1.5 Tbsp natural peanut butter
1/2 cup water, 1/2 unsweetened almond milk

Nuked this in the microwave for 1:30 to let the peanut butter melt.  Then I added (lots) of honey, some more cinnamon, and of course a banana chopped with another dash of cinnamon.  The melted peanut butter and honey mixture was just what I was looking for to kick off my day.

Now it’s T-minus 1 hour until my final and I’m doing anything I can except study for it…including this.


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