La Boca

A trip to Argentina almost two years ago pretty much made my life.  My first time in South America could not have been any more perfect!  The culture is fabulous, the people are fabulous, the food is fabulous.  My best friend lives there so I really got to dive deep in the culture and pretend like I knew what I was doing. 

I spent a week touring the beautiful, bustling city of Buenos Aires.  A Japanese water garden, a morning workout in the park which included a 2-person bicycle ride, dozens of empanadas, nightly strolls along the streets of downtown Buenos Aires, trips to the supermarket, and seeing a real tango show made me develop a deep love for the Argentine culture.

Cmon America...let's get some of these!

These 'workout classes' are what you see all over the parks on Saturday mornings...and isn't it beautiful that working out is free?!

The view from their apartment in downtown Buenos Aires-stunning

Dinner & a Tango-better than dinner & a movie!

My favorite “touristy” spot without a doubt was El Caminito in La Boca, Buenos Aires.

I wasn’t into photography at the time of my visit and didn’t capture the colors and liveliness of this little street, but even if I had, no pictures could do it justice!

So many cafes, so many shops, so many churros on just a small street.  Art vendors crowd the sides and lure you to check our their homecrafted pieces.  There’s multiple mini-tango shows up on small, wooden stages.  It’s so peaceful and such a perfect place to enjoy tea-I’m sure it would be even better if the sun was out to really enhance the colors all around.

An attempt at capturing some taaaaayngo in the street

There’s these unique statue people all around-the face is characteristic so they all look similar, and they’re life-size.  I didn’t feel single for once in my life!

El Caminito is an essential part of a complete trip to Buenos Aires.  It’s a great place to enjoy afternoon tea over a free tango show and some pastries.  You really get surrounded by the culture as soon as you walk onto the street and sucked into the heart of Argentina.


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