Summer Ritas & Reads

Another semester is over and I’m officially halfway (hopefully) through college!  It’s crazy how time really does fly by without stopping to give us a breather.  While most of my friends run off to camp or to Europe or wherever to spend a crazy fun summer, I’m moving back home with my family and working at a coffee shop.  As lame as it sounds, I’m excited!  I’m looking forward to building a closer relationship with them, working with coffee, and having time to lay by the pool reading and soaking in the relaxation for  as long as possible.  

As soon as my final was over, I decided to celebrate over a long receipt at Half-Price Books.  I LOVE reading and I try to as much as I can during school, but naturally textbooks take priority over the good books.  I love going there with nothing in mind and just grabbing stuff that looks good.  I’m totally a “judge a book by its cover” kinda girl.

I picked up these three babies and 2 new cookbooks-can’t wait to unpack and start digging in!

The real celebration came last night with some homemade ritas, raspberry lemonada, and chips and guac.  Confession-my stomach seems to make extra room for chips and guacamole whenever they’re around eachother.  I can put that down.  It was great just relaxing and catching up with an old friend.  Mexican twice in one day?  Why not?  I did attack On The Border for a taco salad for lunch with a friend before we went our separate ways for the summer.  Good thing chips and salsa never go out of style.

Last night’s dinner was rushed but I managed to whip out something so delicious, basic, and so tasty.

Coconut & Breaded Chicken Breast with a simple salad, half a piece of organic whole-wheat bread, and a side of broccoli-a necessity for almost every dinner meal.

The chicken breasts I picked up were huge, so I cut them in half before dipping them in 2 egg whites for a coating and then a mixture of crushed up corn flakes, whole-wheat bread crumbs, and coconut.

Popped em in the oven for 35 minutes at 375.  They came out perfect.  The coconut was browned, just like I like it, and the corn flakes gave it an extra crunch that took down the sweetness notch from the coconut.

I made a homemade dressing of honey, dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, some crushed black peppercorn and a dash of nutmeg.

This was too much for even 2 salads, so next time I’ll probably half the recipe.
I topped my salad with tomatoes, shredded carrots, sliced radishes, and lots and lots of onion to ensure good breath.  My dad’s salad I topped with cranberries, crumbled feta, and crushed pecans-we call it the Poppy Salad because he literally gets a salad like that every chance he gets.

Recipes later!  I’m off to unpack a year’s worth of clothes and junk.  Then it’s off to work for the night so no cooking dinner tonight 😦


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