Day or Night?

Question of the day:  Is it better to work out in the morning or in the evening?

Personally, I prefer the morning because it gets my body going, gets me out of bed, and I don’t have to worry about it the rest of the day.  I’m naturally a morning person-that’s what running cross country for 6 years will do to you-so waking up to the smell of sweat and the sight of metal is no biggie for me.  But I’ve always been curious about the health benefits of a morning workout versus a night one.

I was browsing Yahoo! News like I always do when I’m bored, and stumbled across this.  I can totally relate to all of the bulletpoints, besides the loss of appetite one of course.

This is what I feel like whether I work out in the morning or not 🙂

I’ve also read though, that working out later in the afternoon is super beneficial as well.  Supposedly, your aerobic capacity and strength is increased, your body temperature is at its highest so you’re already “warmed up” which helps to prevent injury.  (I found some pros and cons of both here.)

Ultimately, like most health issues, there’s no proven right or wrong answer.  I think alot of things are based on personal preference.  Whether you exercise in the morning or at night, it shouldn’t matter too much as long as you exercise somehow.

YES-Sit & Be Fit counts!

I like to switch it up to keep myself interested.  Most days I prefer to wake up and get my endorphins going, but some days I like to relax in the morning over a cup of coffee and go on a night run when the air is refreshing and less humid.

If you have trouble being consistent with exercise, I highly suggest incorporating some form of exercise into your morning routine, even if it means waking up 30 minutes early.  (We can sleep when we’re dead, right?)  You’ll feel SO much better throughout your day, you’ll find energy to do the tasks that you didn’t have before, and you’ll renew your confidence to fight the lies the world bombards us with about our body image.  Whether you go to the gym, take a walk around the block, or just do some stretching at home, find something you love and enjoy!  It’s not about obtaining the hottest body possible, it’s about being renewed, healthy, and refreshed.


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