Breaking the Routine

Good morning!  I finally got around to making myself a latte, a much much needed latte.  I’m so content.

As I looked forward to cooking last night, life got in the way (finally) and I ended up going to get sushi again and saw Bridesmaids!

This was seriously a winner.  I don’t laugh in movies, ever.  I was crying and peeing my pants throughout this one though, go see it!

Am I an addict?

I was thinking alot last night as I tried to fall asleep.  It’s funny how your brain works best when it’s the least convenient for you.  But I was praying and just thinking about life over the past year or so and my eyes were SO opened to the cool things that have changed in my life.

I’m a routine girl-always have been and probably always will be.  I HATE change because I fear the unknown.  Most people have some sort of routine whether they realize it or not, but I feel like I’ve taken it to the extreme.  I became obsessed with exercise and had extremely disordered eating habits about 2 years ago.  It wasn’t until a few months ago that I started giving my body a day off from the gym atleast once a week because the idea of not working out for a day seriously freaked me out.

I failed to live life and live in the freedom that Christ has given me through his death.  I would sacrifice sweet time with sweet friends, going out to eat with people, staying out late and having fun with people just because I couldn’t get “off schedule” and miss a workout the next morning or eat the wrong things and have to make up for it the next day.  I lost a good number of awesome friends because of my stupid “routine”.

Get this, I’m in college.  This is supposed to be the best part of my life, right?  I’m not supposed to be worried about the things I’ve been consumed with-I’m supposed to be pulling all-nighters, being spontaneous, going on road trips and doing all this fun stuff that I only have 4 years to do.  My deepest regret is wasting the past two years because of my eating and exercise habits.

The point of this is, is that last night I went to a movie at 7:00, which caused me to miss my usual dinner time.  While before my healing journey this would’ve caused me to absolutely panic and even break a sweat, I was totally cool with it last night and knew I could just eat after the movie if I was hungry.  Then (dun dun dun..), we went to get sushi at 10.  I’ve always had this rule that I can’t eat after dinnertime unless it’s a low-calorie yogurt or a piece of fruit because my body won’t be able to digest it before going to bed.  WHat?!? I ate dinner last night at 10 and I felt great!  It sounds so miniscule, but for someone who’s been trapped inside her own thoughts and fears about the little things like that, it was so freeing to be able to do that without anxiety.  I went to bed past my usual “bedtime” and didn’t give a rat’s booty.  So, so freeing.

There are bad days, of course.  I still fall back into old habits and thought patterns all the time, but I know that there is hope.  There is freedom and I can surely say that I’ve lived in that freedom.  It’s my goal to one day be able to live in that freedom consistently without fretting the “falling back” days.  I’m healing slowly and it’s been an amazing journey.  I’m so excited to see how much further God takes me and I just know that one day, I’ll be completely free.  Phew.


Anyways, this morning’s workout was sweat-heavy.  Something about summer in Houston leaves me in a constant state of being drenched.  No wonder there’s no boyfriend in sight…

Elliptical & Functional Cardio Circuit


Incline Resistance


6 6


8 7
4-6 10





8-10 14


I did this 10 minute set of intervals 4 times, and after each 10 minute set did a functional cardio workout that was sweet and to the point.

25 jumping jacks
10 alternating lunges
15 jump squats
40 butt kicks
10 reverse crunches
20 oblique crunches (on stability ball)
10 bench tuck crunches
10 pushups
30 sec plank hold
20 mountain climbers
10 hip raises

And that was that!

I’m off to work soon for the rest of the day and night.  I have the next two days off though, so expect some good eats!


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