Falling Back

laksfalskdjfas;df My internet has NOT been working the past 2 days!  Nothing too exciting has been going on, besides an adventure down Cakeball Lane yesterday that I failed to take pictures of.

I’ve been completely off schedule, which is such a good thing!  I’m trying really hard to let loose and live life without stressing about what I eat when I eat and all that junk.  Something about the weekend though gets me in a fuss…I do a really bad job at eating in a disciplined way.  When it comes to dessert, I convince myself that it’s the “last time” that I’ll eat something sweet for a while so I have to eat as much of it as I can.  It’s completely not a healthy way of looking at dessert and sweet stuff.  I end up stuffing my face with it, feel like complete crap afterwards, and then I end up eating something sweet the next day too.  I’ve been trying to remind myself of moderation and just eating healthily.  I’ve been caught up in the lie that I need to eat to be skinny instead of healthy, and my mind has just been wack because of it.

The stress over food and what I’ve been eating really got to me last night, so today I’m starting off with a positive attitude.  I’m done wasting my time reflecting on the food I ate throughout the day, counting the calories and worrying about the extra weight it added to my body.  See…there are still bad days.  Sometimes they only come along every so often, but sometimes they’re consecutive and I feel like I’ve fallen back completely into old habits.  I remind myself that hey, today’s a new day with new opportunities.  I’ve been blessed with another day and I need to use it not to glorify myself.  I don’t need to exercise today to glorify myself but to be healthy and stay active during a lazy summer.  I need to eat to live and not live to eat, and make my eating a priority over everything else.

I’m hoping now that the long weekend is over, I’ll be able to get back on a track of some sort and eat in a normal way with a healthy relationship with food. I’ll be back to posting pictures, workouts, and fooooooood!  Healthy food too!



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