I’m back on the bloggin’ bandwagon!  After a long hiatus due to a broken internet connection (and laziness) I’m determined to be diligent in posting recipes, workouts, and eats because if nothing else, it keeps me accountable to myself.

Did I mention that it’s Friday?  And I can eat chocolate today?  I snuck a small dark chocolate peanut butter cupcake in after breakfast just because I can.  I’ll be posting this wonderfully easy recipe soon!




On a serious note…snacking.  I know snacking is a normal activity in a normal person’s life.  It used to be second nature for me to stand in the pantry for a good 20 minutes trying to decide on what to eat, and then walking back and forth between the pantry and fridge before deciding on multiple snacks to feed my hungry tummy.  When all of my disordered eating started, snacking became a huge no-no for me.  I restricted myself to only eating a certain time intervals.  Once I ate breakfast, I made myself wait atleast 3 hours before I could eat something else, even if I was starving before that time marker.  Although I’ve experienced such healing in my life recently, and have developed a (mostly) healthy relationship with food, I still find myself restricting myself to this schedule and I forbid myself from eating even a small bite of something before a “meal time”.

Is there really anything wrong with snacking?  With having something small to hold you over until the next time you eat?  My fear was always that if I gave myself a little leeway and had one snack, it would turn into 14 snacks and then before I knew it, I’d be snacking all day everyday and then the pounds would start packin’ on.  The logical part of my brain knows this is, in no way, true at all.  It’s all about discipline, and having a snack isn’t showing a lack of discipline.  It’s just living life and listening to your body.  If it’s hungry, it’s hungry.  If it’s hungry, feed it, right?  

I used to beat myself up mentally if I “slipped up” and had even something small like a grape.  So, as part of my healing journey, I’ve been forcing myself to slowly escape my stupid schedule and have a snack an hour after I eat a meal, just to live a little.  One day, I hope to see food as a necessity to live and not the enemy.  I don’t want to have to think about the calories I’m taking in, what I need to do to get rid of it, and how gross I am for eating.  I envy the people who just eat without a second thought.

Baby steps though.  That’s been the key to the healing process.  So, today at a NON-MEAL time aka 11:00, I snacked on a chocolate cupcake.  Guilt-free.  I enjoyed every bite and by the grace of God, there was no voice in the back of my mind telling me I was making a mistake in eating.  I wasn’t hungry at all, but I wanted to show that little voice who is boss around here.  It was so freeing.  SO freeing and I’m so thankful that God’s been giving me the grace I need to take these small steps.


ANYWAYS.  This week’s breakfast menu was strictly cereal.  You want to know what I think should be a sin?  Not having oats in the house.  For one reason after another I haven’t made it to the grocery store to restock, but hear me on this, I will never not have oatmeal in my house every again.  I’m missing it like crazy.

I paired some Kashi Berry Blossoms (which I haven’t decided if I like yet or not) with some of my all-time favorite Oatmeal Squares.  Topped with chia seeds and ground flax, doused in almond milk.  Always, with a huge bowl of berries for some antioxys!

I’ve been loving full-body strength training workouts lately.  Is there a limit on how many you should do per week?  I’ve been doing 2-3 because I love how my whole body is fatigued afterwards instead of just one section of my body.

Full Body Functional

Today I started with 15 minutes on the cross-trainer, and did a mini HIIT workout.  30 seconds with low resistance at a recovery pace and then 30 seconds at high resistance at a sprint pace.  The strength training part looked like this:
Do 12 reps, 10 reps, 8 reps of each exercise before moving on to the next one.

  • chest press + pushups
  • bridge (w/feet on bench) with chest press
  • dumbbell pullover to ball crunch
  • plie squat w/front raise
  • bicep curl to shoulder press
  • plank to row
  • squats w/row on cable machine
  • fire hydrants + donkey kicks

Finish off with 10 minutes recovery on the elliptical at an easy pace.  I even played sudoku as I finished up today…that’s what’s up.

I won’t be able to post again today because I’m working all afternoon and night, BUT tomorrow be ready for many new posts about what’s been going on lately!




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