Making the Cut

Today is just a cardio day at the gym, so let me share yesterday’s workout that caused me to wake up sore this morning.

I stumbled across Jillian Michaels’ Making The Cut workouts and decided to give one a try for my full-body strength training day.  This is what it looks like!  I altered a few things due to my fitness level and body, and actually did the whole circuit twice.  If you want a killer workout, do it twice…you’ll thank me later.

Circuit 1
20 dumbbell press on stability ball
15 dumbbell flyes on stability ball
15 crunches on stability ball
50 squats (fast)
Sprint 1 min on treadmill

Circuit 2
Plank 10 sec
5 close-grip pushups
10 side plank w/leg raise
5 close-grip pushups
10 side plank w/leg raise
10 burpees
50 sumo squats
Sprint 1 min on treadmill

Circuit 3
20 frog pushups (I was not a fan)
20 squat thrusts + 30 sec chair pose
10 leg extensions w/shoulder press
1 min jumprope

Circuit 4
20 bench dips
10 lat pull-down (this is something I changed)
1 min mountain climbers
30 sec boat pose

Circuit 5
1 min jumprope
50 bicycle crunches
30 sec extended plank hold

I was surprisingly pleased at how fatigued I was after this workout.  I’m usually hesitant to try the “popular” exercise fads, but this one was actually really good!  I won’t do it everyday like prescribed, but I’m excited to look at some more of her workouts to switch things up and keep my body guessing.


I have a problem.  When I find a food that I like, I enter that food relationship full-force.  I’ll eat whatever it is as often as possible for a few weeks before burning out and moving on to the next big thing.

Only 100 calories, FILLING, and they’re huge.  I love having big foods that are low-cal.

 This here was my perfect lunch.  A heaping bowl of berries of which I can’t get enough of, along with an egg scramble wrap, some extra eggs that didn’t fit in there, and half a cuke.

The egg scramble was 1 egg, 2 egg whites, 1 Tbsp almond milk, sauteed with arugula and spinach, onions, paprika, salt and peppa.  Topped with salsa, no less.

Eattttt meeeee

And to make things worse, my eyes caught a glimpse of these babies.  I love chocolate.  I love coconut.  I especially love these two flavors mixed in the form of bite-size candies.  I still have to wait a long 3 days until I can rip open the bag.  Atleast I have something scrumptious to look forward to.

I’m actually thinking about “quitting” Chocolate Fridays.  Initially I started it to practice some self-control.  I really don’t eat chocolate that often, but when I do, I really eat it.  I figured if I restricted chocolate to one day a week, I would eat less dessert throughout the week and enjoy the chocolate more than if I ate it all the time just to eat it.  What I’ve noticed is that my sweet tooth is still whispering to me every night after dinner to feed it, so I do in non-chocolate forms.  Graham crackers, teddy grahams, an occasional cupcake, pudding…but none of it is chocolate.  When Friday comes around, I feel like I have to fit in as much chocolate as I can to last me through the week so I end up eating so much more of it than I normally would.  That’s not the lifestyle I’m trying to live.  I’m aiming to live a balanced life in health, exercise, food, so binging out on chocolate one day a week doesn’t exactly fit.

To celebrate the end of my chocolate friday stint, a friend at work is making me a cracked chocolate cake.  How fitting of a name.  After this Friday, I’ll be back to accommodating my favorite friend Chocolate into my diet periodically when my body is asking for it.

What’s important though, is that I learned that I have more self-control than I give myself credit for.  When I used to binge eat, I would chalk it up to a lack of self-control and something that I couldn’t control.  While at the time this felt true, God has restored my self-control because I’ve been trusting in Him, and I now have the strength to control what I eat without being anal about it.  I know when to stop (even though I may not 😉  )  and I know how to say NO to food when my body isn’t really hungry.

A good lesson to learn, but I’m ready to keep pushing forward with a healthy lifestyle with occasional indulgences, most of which will probably include chocolate!


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