Mushroom Tacos

I wish I could convey with words how sore I woke up this morning.  It was ridiculous, but ridiculously good.  I’ve been craving a sore body lately and this morning was the winna!  Thanks to good ole’ Jackie.

I did this workout for a full body strength train yesterday after a 30 minute run outside.  I forgot how challenging it was, and how fun it was to have a virtual workout partner!  Honestly I find myself getting super jealous over people who always have someone to hit the gym with.  One thing it made me realize: when I weight train, I just go through the motions.  I don’t try to feel the burn-I try to block it out.  One thing Jackie emphasizes is a mind-body connection…it’s important to focus on the muscles you’re working and to feel it.  Maybe that’s what made my body conspire against me when I tried to get out of bed this morning-not an easy feat!

This morning I had to get a quick cardio workout in because the only cure for soreness=working it out some mo.  I walked to the gym for the first time in a while and forgot how beautiful the mornings are.  Despite it being 78 degrees and 200% humidity at 6:30 AM, the sunrise really does make up for the nasty weather.  The birds singing, the peace, the sky-I can’t help but be in awe of our awesome Creator!

I walked 5 minutes on an incline, and then whipped out 30 minutes on the elliptical.  While reading my new book of course.  Okay okay, I caved in and am reading Something Borrowed.  I tried for so long to resist because I didn’t want to hop on “that” bandwagon (or get lovesick 😉 ) but it was only $3.00 at Half-Price Books so I figured why not?  I’m hooked.

So I’m finally catching up on my days via blogging.  I realize I’ve been posting about my days the next day, so here I am recapping about today.  Pictures were scarce, as I’m still trying to get readjusted to carrying my camera everywhere I go.

I admit I am monotonous-I had the same breakfast as I had yesterday.  One small change-I added milk to my iced coffee.  Baby steps 🙂

I then spent the whole day working on the condo.  Which was definitely not picture-worthy.  My dad and I took a break for lunch and feasted at McAlister’s, where I had a small veggie spud and a bowl of fire-roasted vegetable soup.

We stopped at a farmer’s market on the way back and will be uploading pictures of what I snagged there because there were some goodies!  A bowl of granola and cold almond milk with blueberries awaited my arrival at home for a midday snack and to hold me over for dinner.

I’ll admit I hate going to Mexican restaurants.  Not because the food isn’t good (because it’s fantastic), but because it’s impossible to eat without unbuttoning your pants.  No lie, I was nervous about going because there aren’t often healthy choices offered at Mexican restaurants around here, but I figured that today being one of my best friend’s birthdays required a small sacrifice on my part.  It’s so much more important to me now that I spend time with good friends and family even if it means I have to deviate from my “healthy” food habits.  I ordered the portobello mushroom tacos…wait what?! Mushroom tacos, now that is my kind of Mexican restaurant!  I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to food, and I was severely disappointed in the tacos.  Thankfully I consumed copious amounts of guac, chips, and salsa to curb the hunger.  Without greasy meat and beans solidifying in my stomach, I left the restaurant very full but not feeling overly disgusting.

I’m off to bed to get some much-needed beauty sleep, so see ya in the morning!


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