Pump It Out

Good morning friends!  Hope the morning is treating you well so far!

So lovely in the morning

The soreness has overtaken my body, and I woke up ready to do another full body workout to fight back.

Pump It Out
I did each circuit 2 times, 15 reps each with a low weight.  More reps + lower weight = lean muscles!  Each circuit focuses on one specific area so you can focus on one body part at a time and really get the full effect.

chest press + pushups
pushup to one-leg lift
chest press + bridge

Inner Thighs
plie squats
ball squeezes
inner thigh machine

dumbbell pullover to ball crunch
seated row
wide-grip lat pulldown
close-grip lat pulldown

Glutes + Thighs
squat to calf raise
leg press
lunge + lift

Biceps & Triceps
bicep curl + hold squat
tricep kickback
biceps with cable
overhead tricep press (with cable)

Extra Glutes
donkey kicks
fire hydrants

Before hitting the weights, I completed a 20 minute warm-up on the treadmill, alternating between walking and running to get the muscles hot and ready.



All I have to say is Thank God for Photobooth!  It makes uploading pics so much easier 🙂

Oats with melted banana, Hershey’s dark cocoa powder, chia seeds, flaxseed, salt, and lots and lots of peanut butta!  My fav breakfast by far (besides cereal, of course).


PS Amazing Asset is having a giveaway of lots and lots of nutrition bars!  Be sure to enter to get your hands on some of that goodness!






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2 responses to “Pump It Out

  1. Hey girl!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and posting about my giveaway 🙂 I am quite glad you did, as I was able to find your wonderful site! I do have a love/hate with being sore everywhere… well more love actually, I like knowing I kicked my own butt 😉

  2. Thanks for the linnnnkback. MWAH.

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