Sickly Sicko

I woke up this morning feeling so much better, ready to face the day and get back to the gym after a lazy day off.  I started off with a hearty breakfast of oats with peanut butter and maple syrup (no bananas, sad day).

It felt good to eat real food again, since yesterday my diet consisted of Cinnamon Chex, Special K Chocolatey Delights, chicken noodle soup, and berries.  Oh, and a great excuse to down a huge Sprite Zero.  Am I the only one who craves weird foods when I’m sick?

Obey my thirst? Don't mind if I do!

My stomach revolted as I was heading to do a light workout, so I’ve been laying on the couch ever since!  I have a hard enough time watching a 30-minute TV show without my ADHD kicking in and having to get up and do something.  So laying around for hours yesterday wasn’t my cup of tea.  Definitely not how I planned on spending my 2 days off!

Everyone I’ve talked to has deduced I have a slight case of food poisoning from the nasty raw fish I ate.  I can’t even think about fish or meat without gagging.  Which scares me because I eat fish like there’s no tomorrow…hopefully this fish-gagging stage ends very soon.


 I’m seriously going insane with just the TV and internet to keep me going.  (I did get up and bake some cupcakes this morning but I’m regretting it now.)  So I’m working on my first ever blog survey!  Ayiyiyi!

Of interest:
This is how I justify eating chocolate all up in my froyo last night – Sweets Ease Pain
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  1. ooph i hate food poisoning!! hope everything is okay!! 🙂

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