My, you’re looking pretty chesty…

This was a compliment I would’ve loved to get back in highschool.  A huge busty chest was not something I was blessed with, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to work it out!

Before I get to that, I saw this segment on ABC’s Good Morning America this morning.  It made me absolutely sick to hear such young girls talk like this-it should be nowhere on their radar at that age.  It goes to show that kids do absorb everything in their periphery, and the stick-skinny girls on magazine covers and in movies don’t just give older women a heart of jealousy and bitterness.

They also gave a statistic stating that half of girls ages 3-6 think they’re fat.  It made me really rethink what I say around people about my own body image, especially around younger girls.


Back to a polar opposite subject of chest workouts.

This morning the sweltering heat sounded so appealing after being cooped up in the cool AC all last week, so I hit the pavement for a wogging pyramid.

I walked 1 minute, ran 1 minute.
Walked 2 minutes, ran 2 minutes.
Walked 3 minutes, ran 3 minutes.
Walked 4 minutes, ran 4 minutes.
Walked 5 minutes, ran 5 minutes.

It was a great way to ease back into things and not push my body beyond it’s limits my first day back.  I then came home and popped in Jackie Warner again.

This time though I chose 3 lb. weights instead of my usual 5.  While it was still a good workout, I wasn’t panting and burning like I normally do.  Easing back into it…

She mentions on the DVD that the chest muscles are her favorite to workout, which got me thinking that they’re mine too.  I think it’s because alot of chest exercises require you to lay down as you work your chest, you also feel the burn in your triceps, biceps and even back.  Plus, who doesn’t like a good collarbone pop in a summer tank top or dress?  Here are some of my favorite chest exercises that will make you feel stronger, leaner and hey, why not perkier? 😉

The Best Chest Workout

1.  Alternate press – While this can also be done on a bench or the floor, doing chest workouts on a stability ball also work your core and your hammys.  Amen for a full-body workout.  Lift one arm straight above your chest while keeping the other arm bent at a 90 degree angle.  As you lower the raised arm, raise the lowered arm.



2.  Incline Pushup – If you’re like me and you get easily bored with routine, switch up your typical pushup and do it at an angle.  You’ll also feel it in your core alot more (if you suck in) and will feel it burn in your upper chest/collarbone region.


3.  Decline Pushup – If the incline one isn’t enough for you, do the decline.  Propping up your feet on a stability ball will work your core like crazy.  It’s a challenge to balance, so if needed, put your feet on a stable bench instead.


4.  Incline Press – This one is pretty straightforward.  Although this lady makes it look much more relaxed than it feels.  Raise a free weights bench to any angle you’re comfortable with.  Start with your arms bent at a 90 degree angle, raise dumbbells straight above your chest and hold for 2 seconds.  Slowly lower them back to a 90 degree angle; feel the burn not only as you raise your arms, but as your lower them as well.


5.  Chest fly machine – I try to steer clear of weight machines because motion is limited, but this one I can’t resist.  I’m a sucker for chest flyes in any way, shape or form.


6.  Cable Chest Flyes – Um, like I said I love them.  Doing chest flyes on a cable machine allow you to adjust the height, and every height works the muscles in a different way.  Stagger your feet for stability, and pump away, making sure when you pull the cables in front of you, pull them in front of your chest as you compress your muscles.

Note:  I am not a professional trainer; these exercises work for me.  Consult a physician or expert if you have any health ailments or questions, and do what’s best for your own body.


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