Food Is My Love Language

My what a lovely morning I awoke to!  Everyone seems to be complaining about the gloomy day, but as I am quite the contrarian, I love a good rainy day every once in a while.  It’s such a good excuse to stay in your PJ’s a tad longer and justify curling up in bed instead of going out.  Besides, I want my fruits and veggies to be cheap at the store, so they better be blooming like there’s no tomorrow.


My long run in the park was cancelled (bummer) so I hit the gym early to complete a full body workout after a week away from the weights.  Usually when I do strength training, I tend to take it easy because I’m such a wuss.  It can be hard to push yourself past your limits when it comes to strength training if you’re doing it alone.

I usually stick to my beloved 5 lb. weights, so today I amped it up to see how much I could handle on my typical moves and I’m so glad I tried it.  I went far beyond what I thought I was capable of…just goes to show pushing yourself and taking risks (beyond the gym, too) pays off!  I started with a 20-minute HIIT workout on the elliptical and then did this workout:

Total Body Isolated Weights

[1] (repeat twice)
squat to pushup x10
start with a squat, walk your hands out to get to pushup form, do pushup on toes, walk hands back      to toes, squat and stand up
incline press x15
incline dumbbell fly x15

leg press (2×10)
fire hydrants (2×8)
donkey kicks (2×8)

plank 30 sec
side plank 30 sec (each side)

[2] (repeat twice)
stability ball overhead pass x15
stability ball alternate press x20
stability ball abs roll-out x10

hamstring machine (2×10)
hamstring ball roll-out (2×10)
10 squats

[3] (repeat twice)
cable punches x20 (10 each arm)
row on cable machine x15
wood choppers x10 (each side)

Russian twist x30
bicycle crunches x30

walking lunges x16
hammer curls x10
donkey kicks (2×8)

plank 30 sec
side planks with 10 reach-unders

[4] (repeat twice)
lateral side & front raise
   one arm raises forward while the other arm raises to the side; switch with each repetition
shoulder circles (10 forward, 10 backward)

static lunges x10 + 10 pulses
10 plie squats + 10 pulses



Part of the reason I rush to our stash of cereal in the mornings is cause I want something easy and I want something cold.  I prepped some overnight oats last night so I could reach for for a healthier cold meal.  I threw 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup almond milk, 1 tsp chia seeds (left in fridge overnight), a frozen banana, 2 Tbsp crunchy PB, and 1 Tbsp apple butter in a blender a delightfully cool and creamy cookie dough oatmeal.  In the spirit of branching out, I added an egg white to my meal for something savory, and then of course, iced coffee with a splash of skim milk.


I’ll be in the kitchen yet again this morning.  My main hesitation when it comes to baking is the fact that I don’t want to keep all the baked goods for myself.  Because I really would eat them all.  So I love baking for other people, and do it every chance I get.

There’s no doubt that my love language is gift-giving.  Except I don’t really enjoy receiving gifts as much as I do encouragement.  Can you have a different love language that you give to other people and that you receive from other people?  Maybe food is my love language…Just a thought 🙂

Enjoy your morning!



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