What To Do If You Can’t Control Your Munchies


My taste buds are all over the place.  Van’s light waffles topped with greekyo, fresh berries, and a drizzle of maple syrup.  The salad was simple-romaine, arugula, corn, avocado, orange bell pepper, and tomatoes.


Grilled salmon (which I only ate half of to justify eating loads of bread), fresh-homemade-right-out-of-the-breadmaker bread with a smear of apple butter, a salad, and fresh green beans.  Be ready to see more of that whole wheat up in my life soon.


On another note-

Due to my severe restrictions of food, I used to bake stuff all the time but never even snag a bite of it.  Now, the goods always seem to find their way to my mouth…because really, why would I give someone a treat that I wouldn’t even eat myself?

My dream: open a bakery someday.
(And work for or start a non-profit promoting childhood nutrition.  And become a certified fitness instructor…but that’s another story.)

Besides the enormous risk-taking required to take on a task like starting a business, I fear opening a bakery because I would be surrounded by treats all day.  Every day.

My mom clipped an article out of a magazine called “The Secrets to Super Willpower.”  Aka What To Do If You Can’t Control Your Munchies.  No matter how “healthy” and in control you are, I’d be beyond impressed to find someone who doesn’t get attacked with the munchies on an almost daily basis.

  • Front-Load Your Calories – In other words, eat a nutritious and hearty breakfast.  My cereal bowls are delicious, but nothing keeps me satisfied longer than a bowl of oats in the morning.  I believe breakfast can make or break your day if you let it, so choose to eat breakfast and choose to eat a high-protein breakfast.  That way, you’ll feel full through those dreadful mid-morning hours.
  • Brush Yo Toofers – If brushing teeth was an addiction, I’d be a victim.  Not only does it keep your breath constantly fresh, but brushing your teeth after each meal makes the meal seem “complete”. The minty taste in your mouth will prevent you from turning to snacking; nobody wants to mix mint and an oatmeal raisin cookie.
  • Use Small Utensils – Half the fun in baking is licking the spoon (and bowl and spatula and mixer).  Instead of reaching for the biggest spoon possible to taste mix, use a tiny spoon for sampling for a little portion control.
  • Give Yourself Leeway – Let’s face it, the more you try to resist something, the more you want it.  I’m sure you’ve heard that if you have a serious craving, feed it, instead of trying to eat around it.  Give yourself a treat to look forward to-whether it’s a dessert or something savory.  If you know you’re going to have a heaping spoonful of ice cream later that night, you’re less likely to indulge in other sweets throughout the day.
  • Make Use of the Freezer – The warm, gooey texture of fresh-baked banana bread makes all the effort worthwhile.  But baked goods are still good after being frozen.  Instead of leaving goodies out on the counter or in plain view, store them up in the freezer until you need them for a craving social event.
  • Keep Healthy, Sweet Snacks Nearby – Have some on hand all the time!  Some of my go-to snacks when I have a sugar craving are kettle corn (sprinkled with sea salt and cinnamon), a yogurt bowl with fresh fruit and homemade granola, fat-free pudding, a small bowl of cereal, and rice cakes.  If you have healthy options readily available, you’re more likely to choose those over a cookie, ice cream, or a large bowl of cereal.


How to Stop Temptation ?
Can’t stop obsessing about that hunk of chocolate layer cake?  You may actually be doing your diet a favor.  Researchers found that thinking about a desired food makes you less likely to eat it.  Why?  Being exposed to the temptation, even in your thoughts, causes you to be less responsive to it.  And keeping tempting food around may make you less likely to chow down.  The longer you’re exposed to a treat, the more self-control you build up by getting used to avoiding it. 

 If anyone needs help in this area, it’s me.  Obviously those tips aren’t fool-proof.  I still sample cookie dough and convince myself to eat half of it.  I still pick a big bowl, accidentally foregoing the smaller bowls for cereal.  I still try to eat around cravings and end up eating that thing I was craving to start with, consuming many more calories in the process.

Finding balance and choosing healthy over boredom is an ever-going process, and each choice has to be a conscious, mindful one.  Don’t forget to indulge though, life is too short not to taste the cookie dough.


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