Make Your Arms Jiggle

Today marked my last workout before Italy.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t going crazy trying to fit in every body part during my workout.  I focused on my arms today since yesterday was strictly legs.  I started off with 20 easy minutes on the elliptical…mostly so I could read this book.

I’m trying hard to get into it.  Maybe it’s because I can’t totally relate to the characters, but I really don’t understand the hype and why every single girl I know is overly obsessed with it.  I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt and finishing it though.

Make Your Arms Jiggle Workout
In a good way, of course.  From fatigue, not flab!  

After warming up, do 30 reps of each exercise with no break in between.  After completing the full set, do 10 minutes on a cardio machine and do 15 reps of each exercise.  If you can, slightly increase your weight during the second set.

hammer curls
tricep extensions
girly (or not) pushups
one-arm rows [15 each side]
shoulder press
bicep curls
tricep kickbacks
decline chest press
back extensions
chest flyes
overhead back extensions

Am I weak, or did this workout seriously make your arms shake?!

Be careful though…you might end up looking like this.

"I use my muscles as a conversation piece..."


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  1. Hey , I saw that movie the other day …. well, it wasn’t because I wanted to ( I won’t get into that ) but anyway , it’s such a pointess movie!! :O it IMDB rating is just 5.5…. moderately funny , yes.

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