Honey I’m Home!

I’m baaa-aack! Time goes by way too fast, I can’t believe my trip is already over and it’s back to real life now.

Like I said, our trip was jam-packed for 8 days straight and there really was little downtime.  I plan on doing a small recap of as much as I can remember for each day, and also doing a normal blog post each day.  After sitting 15 hours on the plane yesterday, my legs are screaming for a good workout.  So I’ll definitely be catching up on workouts, my normal food, etc.

Before leaving for Italy, I was very nervous about the onslaught of my disordered thoughts.  Most vacations or trips I go on, there is an available gym hotel, a safe running path, or a DVD player where I can pop in a workout DVD and still stay active.  Knowing none of these would be a valid option across the globe, I was anxious about my body.  What would all of the olive oil, pasta, and pizza do to my body?!  What would the scale read after not burning off all the food?!

Thank the Lord, none of these thoughts entered my head once the entire vacation.  I leaned SO much about myself when it comes to eating and exercising.  Every time I trust God and let go of those thoughts, and live, life is so much easier…so peaceful.

Here’s the things I realized, and because of them I was able to enjoy my vacation and make progress on recovery:

  • I can go a week without the gym, while having no control over what I eat.  It doesn’t kill me, and it doesn’t make me gain 10 pounds per day.
  • I have more self-control than I think.
  • It’s okay to be hungry.
  • Disordered eating thoughts don’t have to control my life and direct my happiness.
  • I won’t let my desire for control prevent me from pursuing my dreams.
  • I can survive a week without nut butters. (Okay, I made up for it by eating copious amounts of Nutella, but still…)

I’ll expand on some of them in my Italia recaps, but let’s face it-I want to talk about the freakin’ food!

Overall, the trip was AMAZING.  I so enjoyed the time I got to spend with my family (despite having to share one bathroom between 5 people), it reconfirmed for me my desire to live in Europe, and it was so cool to see the sights and live in the culture.

Now for some pretty pictures:


“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson





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3 responses to “Honey I’m Home!

  1. Awesome pictures! I’m so jealous, I reallllyy want to see the coliseum one day 🙂
    I’m so excited you told your ED thoughts who’s boss and let loose, it can feel so empowering!

  2. That first picture is the cutest!! 😀 glad you had a good time in Italy 😀 .

  3. Italy!!!? I am WHOA jealous..this is one of my top places to visit someday. I hope that someday is SOON! Awesome pictures!

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