Packing Light & Plane Food #1

It’s ironic that me, out of all people, am trying to give advice on packing light.  I have a reputation of severely overpacking for the smallest of trips, but really what girl doesn’t have that problem?  If I have extra room in my suitcase, you better believe I’m going to fill it with something insignificant and useless.  An empty suitcase is a no-go.  You can imagine my reaction when I was told we were only bringing carry-ons to Italy for an 8-day trip.  Oh, with no washer or dryer.

Plan out your outfits.  I used to just throw my favorite shirts and shorts in a suitcase and pray I could concoct a matching outfit out of it once I got to my destination.  Knowing exactly what you’re going to wear with what, with accessories and all, you won’t pack the dumb stuff.  Like an extra pair of pants that you have no shirt to match with.  Or 4 extra T-shirts that have no purpose besides taking up excess room.

Pack neutral colors & layer.  Layering might be my best friend.  It’s the only way I somehow pull off looking like I care about fashion.  Really, you can create an infinite number of outfits if you switch up the layas.

Using different accessories also changes up the outfit (and nobody has to know you wore the same thing twice)!

Wear your heaviest shoes & sweater while traveling.

Rockin' the socks & Sperrys

Save room.  Instead of packing five extra outfits (which is totally something I was tempted to do in case I wasn’t feeling one), leave the empty space to give yourself an excuse to buy junk.  I mean, you can always buy another outfit if it’s cute needed, right?


Flying business class was a ridiculous blessing.  Not only are the seats slightly more comfortable than economy class, but you get a full 4-course meal.  They cater to food-lovers.

I’m not picky.  I wish I was.  Airplane food to me is just as good as eating at a steakhouse.

Appetizer: warm & extremely salty mix of nuts.  And once I’m in the vicinity of Europe, sparkling water it is.

First course:  Whole grain roll that I devoured ate daintily.  A side salad with bell peppers, tomatoes, and a sesame vinaigrette.  The lettuce was a tad bitter and they pre-pour the dressing so it was basically a salad soup.  I was just thankful to get some veggies in before becoming a loaf of bread in Italy.  The cucumber & smoked salmon salad I actually stayed away from.  The salmon felt like rubber, so even I chose to forego it.  Hint:  never eat semi-raw fish on a plane.  Better to be safe than sorry!

Main course: Grilled chicken with raspberry sauce and pine nuts, a rice pilaf with basil and cranberries, and steamed sugar-snap peas & carrots.  My trick for plane eating is to cut every portion they give you (which are already small) in half; I can’t stand having a stuffed stomach while traveling.  The meal was surprisingly delicious-I will recreate this in my own kitchen in a healthier, more natural way.

Dessert:  In order to save room for lots and lots of gelato, I chose the fruit & cheese plate.  Grapes are a close second to my cereal addiction.  Thankfully, the flight attendants know how to portion and know how to keep a hungry girl away from the grapes.

Are you supposed to eat the grapes and cheese together in one bite?  Or do the flavors somehow complement eachother?  I’ve never understood the whole ‘grapes & cheese’ thing…

Breakfast:  After a restless night’s sleep in a chair, this fruit plate made the whole flight worth it.  Fresh (?) honeydew, oranges, more grapes 🙂 , pineapple, and a banana.  AND a croissant-something I vow to only eat in Europe.  What was missing:  Nutella.  But there’s more of that to come.


Of course, it’s always smart to bring a good amount of snacks.  Especially for a long plane ride when you have zero control over what you’re being fed.  It’s always a toss-up, so having granola bars and trail mixes are never a bad idea.  I packed lots of Clif Mojo bars, Larabars, Fiber One bars (don’t ask), whole-wheat crackers, and a dark chocolate espresso trail mix.  Don’t be jealous.




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3 responses to “Packing Light & Plane Food #1

  1. Great post! You reminded me of some of my favorite things about travel–especially the business class food on long flights–I love it too! 😀

  2. Did you fly American Airlines??
    Because those nuts look like the exact same ones that we had when we went to St. Lucia (same container too) & OH man, they were SOOOO good. My husband & I kept asking for more..even though they were really salty…but they were so good!

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