Treadmill Woes + Shoulder/Leg Workout

Happy Friday Eve!

Thanks to a serious case of jetlag, I woke up at 4:45 and started my day and boy did it feel good to be back in the routine. I was a proud first customer of the day at the grocery store, arriving promptly when the doors opened to get some goods for breakfast.  It was either that, or feed my cereal addiction.

You can’t see the picture.  The lightswitch was too far away, but I finally got some OATMEAL.  With White Chocolate PB from PB & Co, chia seeds, cinnamon, agave, and almond milk.  I was super tempted to sub Nutella for the pb, perhaps tomorrow?!

It felt even better to have a cup of hot American coffee.  So in Italy, “American coffee” is really a Café Americano…a rip off when you’re looking for actual coffee.  Everything is espresso-based.  I missed my hazelnut Keurig cups.  Oh the little things we take for granted.

I headed over to my beloved community gym, more ready than ever to pump some iron and hear the steady hum of a treadmill.  Treadmill: success.  Weights: fail.  Never have I seen the gym so crowded, and on my first day back!  Not finding the patience within me to have to wait for equipment, I went back home to attempt a weight workout.

Normally I cannot do workouts at home sans DVD.  It’s so easy for me to get sidetracked and slack off, but today I fought the ADD within and completed an awesome shoulder and leg workout.  In between each circuit I did:
50 bicycle crunches
15 reverse crunches
30 second plank hold
15 second side plank hold + 10 side plank pulses (per side) 

I tend to skip over my shoulders alot and I ain’t gonna lie-those babies are weak and need to be whipped into shape.  I would say this workout did the trick.

On the treadmill, I did a tempo run.  I alternated between 6.5mph (for 2 minutes) and 7.5 (for 1 minute) for a total of 30 minutes.  It pooped me out to the max-thanks jetlag and Italian pizza.

Big news:  I tried a new protein powder in my smoothie today.  Usually I opt for Greek yogurt for protein post-workout, but today I was feeling mighty adventurous and tried this out in vanilla.  THANKFULLY, it didn’t add any funky taste to my fresh fruit berry smoothie (which I missed more than you can imagine-apples and oranges were not cutting it in Italy).

No protein powder has ever satisfied my taste buds; I’m repulsed by even the smell of that stuff.  (I also can’t stand spinach in my smoothies…I know, meanmug me now.)  I’m in need of a good(-tasting) protein I can add to my oatmeal, smoothies, etc so I’m not a starvin’ Marvin an hour after I workout.

The treadmill used to be my arch enemy.  Before last Christmas, I hadn’t stepped foot on one of those machines because I sincerely believed running belonged outside.  Not in an air-conditioned gym.  I still have a very hard time from keeping bored and wanting to quit after three and a half minutes.  Bloggers always post their hour-long treadmill tempo runs and I wonder how on earth they can run in place for an hour.  Music was also something I didn’t think belonged with running.  Running is supposed to be for focus-to increase speed, distance, and endurance.  Now I wonder how on earth I survived running without music-it really is the only thing that keeps me going on treadmill runs.  My go-to CD is always this:

Seriously…listen to it.  It’s not even pump-up music at all, but it turns my focus away from myself and it’s just pure goodness.  My goal is to learn to read while running…is that even possible?!  Thank God for the elliptical!


Lunch was blah.


Tomato soup with goat cheese, edamame and whole-wheat pretzel sticks with hummus.

With no food in the pantry or fridge still, I had to improvise for dinner.  Pasta is ingrained in my brain, but I think I loaded up on enough carbs last week to get me through the rest of the year.  So dinner was blah too.  Yet tasty.

Homemade tortilla chips (from corn tortillas) topped with a Morning Star Black Bean Burger, melted Mexican blend cheese, and salsa.  A side of roasted broccoli and cauliflower sprinkled with chili powder added some much needed greens. (Lesson #65 from last week’s trip:  I do not need to eat something green with every meal.)

I’m off to eat dessert.  Yes, dessert.  Did I mention I took sweets off of my fear foods list?  Well I did, and I freaking love it.

Sorry this was such a long post!  Have a wonderful night 🙂


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  1. Glad you liked the workout 🙂 & I love that you added the ab circuits in – great idea!
    I’m the SAME way with the grocery store- I love getting there right when it opens, so much less crowded! It’s so nice that way.

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