Gluteus Maximize

Oh hey empty plate.  Sunday morning=pancake morning.  If this single girl ever settles down and has a family, Sunday Pancakes will be the #1 tradition I plan on starting.

Am I the only one so sick of seeing these dang flowered plates every meal?

 Giant pancakes with smiley faces from Denny’s are fun.  Mini pancakes are even better, especially for someone with ADD taste buds.  I borrowed the recipe from Chocolate-Covered Katie’s Snickerdoodle Pancakes.  DELISH.  Except I added half of a brown, mashed banana and a little extra whole-wheat flour because I like my cakeys doughy.  Like barely cooked doughy.

I topped one with creamy PB, one with apple butter, and one with Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter.  Which is basically Nutella-I feel somewhat healthier eating “organic” hazelnut butter for breakfast instead of indulging in spoonfuls of my favorite spread on earth.


These pancakes were earned this morning.  I woke up early for some prayer and reflection time, and then set out on a 3-mile run.  I’ve said it before-running used to be a chore for me.  The thought of skipping a day of running atleast 4 miles was an utter sin.  Now, I run outside maybe once every 2 weeks.  And guess what?  I haven’t gained 20 pounds because of it!  Shocking, I know.

I used to run for time, and anything over  7:30 mile pace was terribly slow and made me feel “fat”.  Ummmmmm my pace this morning was like 9:30, and it felt superb.

I ended up at the gym and knocked out 15 minutes on the elliptical while catching up with some US magazine.  Then I did this quickie little circuit twice through, which only took about 15 minutes total.  My butt has never been on fire for so long.

Burnin’ Glute Circuit

medicine ball front chop x12
standing dumbbell side bends x12
jumping jacks x30
medicine ball arch chop x12
leg press x12
inner thigh ball squeeze x30
burpees x10
step-ups x12
outer thigh machine x12
jump rope x30
bridge lifts x12
donkey kicks x12 (each leg)
fire hydrants x12 (each leg)
flutter kicks x12
kneeling squat x12

A relaxing, open Sunday is calling my name.  As well as the shower.  Have a great Sunday and take advantage of the summer weather and the end of the weekend!


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  1. Dang my glutes would be on fiya, nice routine! I can totally relate about exercising for pleasure vs. exercising for ED’s sake, it sucked when I went though that too. I’m so glad you have a better relationship with exercise now 🙂

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