Christmas on July 11th

Even in the summer, I feel like my week’s schedule reflects my weeks during the school year.  Monday is always the most productive-I’m refreshed and ready to take on another week.  But as the week goes on, definitely by Thursday I’m kaput and become the biggest procrastinator of the century.

Today I woke up early for some quiet time.  My days are so much more relaxed and the anxiety is dialed down bigtime when I start the day off with God and just in peace and quiet.  That’s sooo much more important to me than working out, so it feels better to start my day off with that before I make the gym a priority.

I’m always revved up to get in a good sweat session on Monday mornings too.  I schedule everything.  Except workouts.  I kinda do whatever I’m feelin’ that day, but I think it’s time I create some sort of schedule.

Sunday: Legs + Long Cardio
Monday:  Arms
Tuesday: Cardio
Wednesday: Full Bod
Thursday: Cardio
Friday: Full Bod
Saturday: Off

We’ll see how long this lasts…

I started with a small HIIT workout on the treadmill, and thanks to some Powerbar Energy Bites, I had more energy than a power plant. Fueling up before a workout makes such a difference and I neva even noticed!

Upper Body Push/Pull

3 x 10:
cable flyes
cable rows

3 x 10:
around the worlds
bent-over row

3 x 10:
dumbbell flyes with twist
front raise and pullover

3 x 10:
alternating chest press

3 x 10:
wide-grip lat pulldown

2 x 10:
shoulder press
arm circles (10 forward, 10 backward)


My booty got busy in the kitchen this morning.  I bookmark like every single recipe I come across thinking I’ll make it someday, but then I get so overwhelmed with so many recipes that I can’t even decide on one, so I don’t make any at all.

I grew some this morning and decided to just bake all day sucka.  I started off with Bacon Pancakes for my growing brother.

I took a standard pancake recipe and semi-healthified it by subbing almond milk for buttermilk, and using turkey bacon instead of real bacon.  Naturally I left the butter because I strive to make Paula Deen proud.

Overnight oatmeal for myself.  Too many chia seeds=bad idea.  I added a scoop of sunflower butter and a scoop of natural peanut butter, lots of cinnamon, and a banana.  Standard.

After avoiding spending $6.00 on sunbutter for months, I caved yesterday.  Disappointing-the butter I mean.  I think I shall stick with my peanuttyalmondnutellabutter, thank you very much.

An overripe mango + browning bananas.  What other choice was there other than to make Bamango Muffins?!

I take advantage of every opportunity to celebrate Christmas year-round.  I can’t make banana and mango anything in December, but nobody can complain when it’s in the middle of July.  These muffins (wrapper included) belong on a beach, but since there is no beach nearby, they ended up in my stomach.  Ummmm PLEASE make them, you won’t regret it.

Enjoy your day!  I’ll be in the kitchen so hopefully I can whip up something to make yo mouth water as much as it makes mine.


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