Pompeii & Mount Vesuvius

Day 3 was by far my favorite in terms of sight-seeing and historical venues.

Hello, Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius!

A big day can only be followed by a big breakfast.  I did pack a few bags of instant oatmeal *just in case* which came in handy only one day.  I ate them raw (as there was no microwave or working stove), with some whole milk and a banana.  It’s been a while since I’ve eaten the instant stuff…I now know why.  It tasted like pure sugar, blech.

With our respective matching outfits, we set out for a day trip to the famous city of Pompeii.

A two hour trip can only induce one thing-major highway hypnosis.  I was knocked out immediately, only to awake to the best food I had all week.

Chocolate croissant!  At 9:00 AM, I’ll take it.  I eagerly searched for this beaut again all week, but could find no chocolate-filled croissants anywhere.  It only makes this that more special.

Our tour of Pompeii was extremely educational and the tour guide was a humor.  Pompeii was once a thriving city, but in AD 79 when a nearby volcano-Mount Vesuvius-erupted and buried the once-beautiful city.  Although the people didn’t make it out alive, the buildings did, and it was SO neat to see.  To think that 2,000 years ago, these people could build structures that would withstand a volcano eruption and then another couple millenniums was absolutely outstanding.

The Grand Theater, still in top-notch condition!


A house with paintings still on the wall-incredible


After the tour, we headed for some pizza.  And this is when I learned that it’s okay to be hungry.  I used to still am scared of being hungry, because I really do get moody and well, hungry when I’m hungry.  I’ve been scared that being hungry will lead to a binge, which is part of the reason I eat every few hours to keep my blood sugar leveled and make sure I don’t fall into a no-holding-back approach when I see food.  With no snacks in hand, and nowhere to get food, I was extremely hungry after our 3-hour tour.  But, I didn’t die, I didn’t binge, nothing bad happened…whatdoyaknow!?

Okay, so I did eat a whole pizza.  But that’s not unheard of in Italy where the pizzas are portion-controlled and freaking delicious.

I strayed from the typical margherita pizza and chose a Pizza Bianca-no sauce, just amazing ham and some mozzarella on BREAD.  With a side of bread.

A mile-hike up a mountain made me feel so much better about eating the entire thing in under four minutes.  With a knife and fork.  But really, I needed that fuel to make the trek.  It was hard work! Climbing a volcano is no easy feat.

The hike was steep, I wasn’t wearing hiking shoes and seriously, I was wearing a skirt.  I guess it’s best that I learn from my mistakes-never hike in a skirt.  Ever.  Being in the clouds felt heavenly and eased the pain for a second though.

Seeing the inside of an active volcano made the trip worth it.  I was sweating balls and my sunglasses wouldn’t stay on my drenched face, but it was awesome.  Will I ever get to climb a volcano again?  Um, probably neva.

May I remind you, it’s active. And we did see volcano smoke.  I’m still alive though, no worries.  No lava burns.

After a tiring day, we headed back to the hotel, still stuffed from lunch and the chocolate we devoured on the bus ride home.  Gotta refuel after a workout, right?

Dinner that night was…elegant.  Plain rice cakes topped with swiss cheese and prosciutto, with a side of fresh broccoli, carrots, and spinach.  Not high-class Italian food by any means, but the grocery stores did provide a cheap, nutritious meal.  Restaurants are expensive, especially paying for five people.  And I was perfectly content going to bed not filled up on 800 grams of carbs from dinner.




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2 responses to “Pompeii & Mount Vesuvius

  1. Ahh I want to go there so bad, it’s way up there on my bucket list! I’ve always been fascinated by pompeii’s history. Thanks for sharing the pics! 🙂

  2. Looks like you are having such a fabulous time! I am loving your pictures 🙂 And that pizza… oh my, perfection 🙂

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