Joys of Babysitting

This is why I love babysitting:

New pantries take me to a whole new level of excitement.  Look at that cereal selection.  As an avid lover of cereal, my heart was filled to the brim knowing I’d have 8 hours to devour each and every flavor.

Iced Cafe Americano!

Another reason I love babysitting: an excuse to blow money at Starbucks.  Why yes, I do feel like a traitor to my own coffee shop.  Oh, did I mention I had cereal for breakfast too?!

My second breakfast was also cereal…when I saw the vanilla coconut milk in the fridge, there was no way out of escaping the temptation.  Luckily, I used a baby bowl to control my portion size.  Holy moly, I don’t know if I can ever eat cereal without coconut milk now.

I eat weird food.  And I eat alot of it.  A few hours later my stomach was needing a good, savory lunch.  I topped a toasted bagelwich with salsa (a must), ham, and fresh melted mozzarella.  With a side of fresh cherries and a Apple Blackberry babymush.

(I ate baby food until I was atleast 8, obviously I am regressing…)

Thanks Target for making me buy stuff I didn’t go to the store for!  The only box left on the shelf literally had Haley written on it, so I succumbed.  THANKFULLY.  This baby was gooooooooood.  And I didn’t feel guilty having coconut taste in my mouth, not one bit.

An important realization: microwaved yogurt is so much better than cold.  I am not a Chobani lover…gasp.  But microwaved with some quick oats and blueberries rekindled a lost romance.  Although I did miss my Fage…

And if you don’t already think I had a good day of food, check out the dinner.

Brother and I dined at a local TexMex restaurant called Don Julio’s.  I ordered fish tacos (a MUST when I do actually decide to inhale Mexican food) sans sauce.  I was really disappointed in the food and the overall service.  There is a tiny piece of fish in each taco, and there was zero flavor in the fish.  I didn’t even enjoy the tortillas, and it’s pretty tough to find a carb source that I don’t like.  The refried black beans were superb though and made up for the crappy tacos and service.  Umm, and I had refried beans!  Hallelujah.

I am a nerd.  I am a diehard Harry Potter fan, and have been for the past thirteen years.  It goes without saying that I am freaking sad that it’s all over tonight.  But I will be at the premiere and I will be dressed up!


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