The Colocolocolosseum

A trip to Italy isn’t a trip to Italy without venturing into the Colosseum.  Luckily there was no 5:30 AM wake-up call, so we were able to sit down to a nice family breakfast.

A banana and another Fage honey & mixed nuts yogurt.  Perfection.

The day was absolutely beautiful.  The sun is my arch enemy down here in the heart of Texas because it’s so dang hot.  In Rome, the sun didn’t mean a scorching day.

We met up with our guided tour group and headed inside.  All of the tour guides we had were phenomenal-really educational and really entertaining.

I recently read a book called Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers which takes place in Rome and the Colosseum.  The book’s plot deals with the persecution of Christians inside of the Colosseum, and how the gladiator fights followed lion attacks of slaves.  It was beyond wowwww to be in the same place that real events like that took place so long ago.

Only Harry can catch my eye half a mile away.  The back of a bus is only picture-worthy if a beautiful wizard is plastered on it.

We hit up The Forum next, which didn’t catch my interest at all.  Maybe I was still giddy from thinking about the upcoming premiere the Colosseum.

To me, it was really cool architecture surrounded by gorgeous, green and lush plants and fields.  Beyond that, I couldn’t focus on the history or background of why this was so important.

Lunchy was at a total touristy place-such a nono for a foodie looking for exquisite and authentic Italian food.  Located right next to the Colosseum in downtown Rome, one can only expect to find crappy food that isn’t worth the money.

I ordered “Zucchini and Squash Ravioli”.  It was somewhat misleading-the zucchini was on top of the ravioli, but I have no clue as to what the gunk inside of the noodles was.  Fifteen dollars for two pieces? That don’t fly with me.

Coconut gelato was the only answer to a disappointing lunch.  Emotional eating anyone?

After a siesta, my mom and I headed out to roam Rome (ha) and see the inside of the Pantheon, since it was closed the first day we went.  The Trevi Fountain beckoned us to make a wish, so make a wish we did.  Can life please be like the movies? Ahem When In Rome.

The Dome inside was crazy cool…the Catholic mass we interrupted was not.  We were in, snapped a few pictures, and were out.

We souvenir shopped and snacked, and before we knew it, it was dinna dinna time!

Dinner was nothing special either.  A salad smothered in olive oil.  The mozzarella balls were its only redeeming quality, as well as the freshly baked bread that could not be passed up.

Day 4 eats=1 out of 4 stars.



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2 responses to “The Colocolocolosseum

  1. SO FREAKING COOL! Your pictures are just the bomb, I look so forward to your Italian posts!
    And that coconut gelato ain’t too shabby on the eyes either haha 😉

  2. Ahhh, the gelato in Rome…

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