Two Goodbyes

This has been the only faithful main man in my life for the past thirteen years.

Alright I’m finally hopping off the nerd train for a while.

While I’m sad that the “Harry Potter Era” is over now (although it ain’t eva over for this girl), last night was a great way to end it.  Bedtime is usually no later than 11:00 (more proof that I’m a total grandma), yet I was more than willing to sacrifice routine and more routine to have some fun and eat junk food.  Remind me why don’t I do this more often?

My costume attempt was a major fail.  Thankfully Halloween is a short three months away and you better believe Bellatrix Lestrange will be resurrected.


BUT a large popcorn, a bar of dark chocolate…but not dark enough…and a flippin’ Butterbeer was in order.  The movie theater we went to has a gelato stand, and last night they even changed all of the flavor names to Harry Potter flavors.  Can I ha somma dat?

A white trash meal for a white trash girl.

I seriously need to invest in a fashion page on the blog.

I got a solid four hours of sleep because somewhere in my mind I thought it would be okay to make a hair appointment for 8:00 this morning.

But four hours isn’t a healthy amount of sleep?  Yeah those thoughts can suck it.  Even though I ate like crap and I didn’t sleep away the calories, I begrudgingly ate a normal breakfast this morning.  In the past, I would’ve skipped it because of the “excess” calories consumed the previous night.

Stayed up late.  Check.
Ate nasty food. Check.
Didn’t sleep. Check.
Am alive. Check.

There was a nap waiting for me after my forever long hair appointment.  So I ate lunch at 2:00.  Check.
And then I picked my lazy bottom up and went to the gym to get some oxygen flowing in my body to replace the popcorn grease.

Today’s workout was super random, and honestly it was one of those days where I wasn’t really feeling it.  Knowing tomorrow is my day off, yeahyuhhhhh!, I got through it and got back to my blender for the best part of exercise: refueling.

I noticed today that my workouts have been getting longer and longer and longer and longer.  I know it’s not a healthy place to be in at all, because I convince myself that I need to keep doing more.  If there isn’t atleast a full hour of physical activity in my day, all of the fat talk will start to invade my poor little mind.  To combat the thoughts and the fears, I have to face them.  So…next week I’m going to face my dumb fear of not exercising enough by cutting down.  I might do an hour MAX a few days next week, but I want to keep gymtime around 30 minutes.

I started with some plyometric moves to get the heart pumpin.  Which I don’t even know why cause I hate highkneesbuttkicksburpeesmountainclimbers with a flaming passion.  Yet there I was, plyometric-ing away.  PS I got this workout from a blog a while ago, I wrote it down but don’t remember who to give the credit to! But I love you for it!

15 pushups
30 second high knees
30 second butt kicks
30 jumping jacks
10 lateral raises + 10 front raises
30 jumping jacks
15 bicep curls
20 jumping lunges
10 tricep dips
40 second mountain climbers <–DREAD THOSE
10 plank rows
15 plie squats + back row
1 min fast on elliptical
15 reverse flyes (is it flies or flyes???)
20 squats with kick
20 bicep curls
25 static lunges, each leg
30 jumping jacks
50 crunches
1 min jumprope
25 squats
20 bench dips
1 min butt kicks
50 bicycle crunches
20 bench dips
20 shoulder presses
15 burpees YUCK
1 min plank
15 sec side plank, each side
50 reverse crunches

Clearly I spent more time writing down the moves than it took to actually do them. The price you pay for being exercise ADD.

I hopped on the treadmill for 10 minutes, alternating between a 4.5 pace and 6.5 each minute.  I wanted to get in more strength training-because I’M LOVING IT MORE THAN LIFE-than cardio, so I hit up The Fitnessista for a great full body workout.  I changed a few things, and did two circuit rounds.

deadlift upward row
clock lunges
10 squat jumps
stability ball chest press + overhead extension
stability ball hamstring curl
bent-over alternating rows
squat + bicep curl

Now…if that didn’t bore you to tears like it did me, can I please say what I never thought I would say?? I am in love with weights.  Cardio was my life for years, yet now it barely holds my attention.  Luckily, free weights have picked up the slack and kept my interest in fitness up, and hey I’m not even big!  Goodbye irrational fears.



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  1. 😀 I borrowed a witch hat for 5 mins (^.^)

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