Florence & Pisa

Upon arriving in Florence, I finally felt like I was in Italia.  Yeah, I ate like four pizzas, gallons of gelato, and saw the expected Rome sites.  But everyone spoke English, nothing felt authentic, and I felt like I was just in Europe, not Italy.

Florence is beautiful.  This is what Italy is supposed to look like, minus the tourists.

We took a train from Rome to Florence, and these biscotti cookies they served were most likely my favorite thing all week.  Packaged food is even better in Italy.

Acres and acres of gorgeous sunflowers

The train window was literally a window providing a glimpse of God’s creation.  No brown, dry land like Tejas!

Our favorite restaurant, we definitely went back for seconds

Fresh salad with the necessary mozzarella

Tuscan Wheat Grain Soup. A tomato-ey broth with barley (maybe?) and tons of fresh herbs and veggies. FANTASTIC forrealz

After roaming around and taking in the unique Italian culture, we headed out on a tour bus to Pisa to see none other than the Leaning Tower.

Isn't it a beaut?

We had originally planned to climb to the top, but it cost 30 euros and you only got 25 minutes to get to the top and back down.  I’m sorry but stairs aren’t my thing, and my family wasn’t feeling it.  Our view of the tower was only from the bottom, but what could be more awesome than that?

Gel-love-toe. Latte flavored. I want some now.

Trying fresh coconut for the first time!

Nothing gets classier than McDonald’s when you’re in Italy.  McDonald’s in different countries actually does offer different foods, and tries to adapt to the country it’s located in.  I ordered the “Caesar Salad” with grilled chicken and actually plowed through it like it was gourmet food.  The vegetables were fresh, there was mozzarella (really, this would never happen in the US), and I got a side of breadsticks instead of fries.  Oh, and their Caesar is really olive oil and vinegar.  I was a happy schoolgirl.




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3 responses to “Florence & Pisa

  1. Bahaha I know what you mean about boring brown Texas terrain, especially now with this insane drought! Love the pics, I don’t blame ya for avoiding the pisa climb, I’d be so dead haha 😀

  2. allthingswholesome

    wow looks like you are having an amazing time.
    I love all of your photos. 😀

  3. From a former Texan, it sounds like you had a lovely trip. I know you hear a lot of English in the cities which actually makes travel a lot easier. If you go to the countryside it’s hard to find anyone that speaks English.

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