iBike Florence


Trying to be healthy in the face of Nutella and a croissant is an epic fail.  The yogurt and muesli was delightful, too.  Not as delightful as Nutella.

A bike tour?  Around a beautiful city?  YA I can handle that.  Riding on the streets and maneuvering around people was no easy task, but I’m alive and well and I got to ride a bike around a beautiful city.

We stopped at all the main tourist attractions around Florence.  Thankfully the sites weren’t far from each other, and we got free gelato as a break.

Dark Chocolate and After Eight



Ugh look at those huge chunks of mozzarella and the fake shrimp.  Salad shmalad, it’s all about the queso.  Is that bread hiding back there?  It wasn’t hiding for long…

We walked around the city for the rest of the afternoon and checked out pretty much every store within a mile radius of our hotel.  This happened to be the only picture I took, and it happened to be my favorite store-a store full of chocolate, full of love.


Tuscan bread soup.  It had me at bread, but this dish had NO flavor and had me almost in tears, seeing as though it would be our last real dinner in Italy.

Espresso for dessert?  Okay, dark chocolate awaited me back in the hotel.  I attempted to understand the whole ‘coffee after dinner’ thing, and actually enjoyed it.  It calms the nerves and relaxes the mind.  I did not enjoy it when trying to fall asleep an hour later.

Overall, Florence holds my heart still.  If I wasn’t already doomed to live a single life, I sure am now! (unless a guy wants to fly over there and win my heart back)

Florence > Rome


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  1. YES florence > rome! i loved it there!

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