Weekend in a Nutellashell

I got Google reader.  Organization at its finest.


I ate my body weight in apple cake

And now I’m all huzzy for apples.

Apple Cinnamon oats with raisins & peanut butter

Homemade Indian food.  No words. Recipe tomorrow!

The World Cup.  As an ex-soccer fanatic, I hopped on the contrarian bandwagon and cheered for Japan the whole way through.


Seeing as though Harry Potter is over, the books ain’t and they’re coming off the shelves into my brain once again.

T-minus one month until I’m heading back to school. EW.

My glutes screamed (scrame?) this morning.
2 reps of each exercise, followed by 1 minute on the elliptical at the highest incline
ski lunge
one-leg deadlifts
leg press + calf raise
hip abductor
hip adductor
donkey kicks
fire hydrants
plie squat

I gots my hair did.

And to top it all off, I’m making some room for more apple cake and some homemade coffee ice cream.  YUUUUm.



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6 responses to “Weekend in a Nutellashell

  1. #1 I was rooting for Japan too 😉
    #2 Google reader is the best invention on earth
    #3 Your hair looks amazing, pretty lady!

  2. allthingswholesome

    Google reader is amazing, i literally got it like 2 days ago, because i was getting so stressed out with how slow wordpress is when trying to read my subscriptions, and now well im in love 😉 haha
    Your hair looks beautiful. 😀

    Have a wonderful day. Jess xx

  3. Wow the new theme looks brilliant! oh wait , I meant your hair. :p Theme’s pretty cool. 😀 You go to Texas A&M? One of my cousins studies there though chances of having met are next to 0.

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