Zumbaaaaa Ayiyiyiyi

I can’t believe it’s already another Friday!  Why does time fly so darn fast 😦 During the summer, Fridays are not super exciting, but in the next few months Fridays will again be my saving grace.

Yesterday was a day of new – in food and in exercise.  Gotta shake things up a bit every once in a whizzile.

Even though I’m no match for Serena Williams, there are few sports I enjoy more than tennis.  Yesterday morning I woke up and headed straight for the tennis courts (after a monster cereal bowl) to lobby the ball for a while with a friend.  Fortunately for you, there were no pictures taken.  I had plans for my “cardio” day, but nixed them in favor of tennis and a cardio yoga DVD.

AND I tried my very first ever stinkin’ ZUMBA CLASS.  I’ve been DYING to try it, but could never find (or afford) a class nearby.  Welp, I got this one for free and I will not complain about dishing out $5 for the next class.  It was freaking awesome.  Cardio-wise, it wasn’t very intense, but my hips definitely need a good loosening up and for real, you can dance and nobody judges you.  Why have I hesitated on taking ZUMBA?!?!?  Honestly it was just nice to stay away from the whirring of the gym machines for a day and take cardio to a whole new level of fun.

Chai Coffee Smoothie

Instead of fueling up after yoga with my usual fruit smoothie, I threw in some Chai Tea Latte Bread in the mix along with 1/2 cup chocolate unsweetened almond milk, 1 Tbsp instant coffee, 1/2 cup vanilla Chobani, and a handful of ice.  Best. Smoothie. oftheweek.

Guess what else I built up the courage to try?

Southwestern Oats

SAVORY OATS.  I’m all for trying new things, but I don’t like to waste food, and I like to enjoy my meals.  So I don’t want to “risk” trying something new and punishing my tastebuds!  I took the plunge and cooked 1/3 cup oats with 1 cup water, salt, garlic salt, and red pepper flakes.  Once cooked, I added a spoonful of Plain Fage, corn & chopped bell peppers (from a can-not cheating at all) and topped with salsa.  WHY WHY WHY have I not done this?

[PS – yesterday while babysitting, I added a crapton of spicy mustard and salsa to my salad, and received RUDE comments from the kids “ewwing” and gagging.  Um, since when is mixing mustard, salsa, and hummus and dumping it on salad weird?]

A savory breakfast for dindin.  I’m quite a content little mama right now.

Crafting came into the picture, too.  Due to a lack of patience, I steer clear of crafts unless I have no choice because 1) I don’t want to clean up afterwards and 2) I don’t have the patience to finish them.  Unfinished projects – 34463, Haley – 0.

If you’re like me and are looking for a craft that’s over and done with, this is lemon squeezy easy.  Break up a bunch of crayons, pop them in the oven for 20 minutes at 170 degrees, and you get tie-dye crayons.

By the way, crafts have everything to do with healthy living.  Just sayin.


“Faith is getting yourself in so deep that only God can get you out.”

-Woodrow Kroll-


  • What’s your favorite type of savory oats?
  • Best way to shake up your cardio routine?



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6 responses to “Zumbaaaaa Ayiyiyiyi

  1. Aww those crayons look so cool!

  2. Sweet crayon project! My favorite cardio is probably plyometrics or swimming, when I have access to a pool that is haha

  3. Glad you had a good time at zumba!! I haven’t tried it, but I know its not my thing. I’m not very coordinated 😉 fun craft idea! I haven’t done anything artistic since my wedding lol

  4. I have yet to try savory oats! Glad you enjoyed zumba. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m a girl with no moves and I’m not really a fan of dancing cause I’m pretty sure I’ll be terrible at it .. so I stick with running, swimming, and spinning

  5. haha crafts are good for the SOUL!! 🙂 I haven’t tried savory oats yet although I HAVE been tempted. BUT now that we’re moving and I have no salsa in the fridge (I know) I think I’ll just wait til we get to FL so I can try this exact combo 😀

  6. i LOVE that quote you have at the end- SO true! I just read somewhere where “we should be so in love w. God that we are RUINED for anything else!” soo good. ahhh i love your crafts- thats adorable!

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