Saturday Shmaturday

Breaking routine scares me. Until it’s over. Then I look back and realize how great the day was even though I wasn’t adhering to a strict schedule of eating, exercising, and fitting everything else around that. Yesterday was a breaking the rules kind of day and it felt fantasticoooo.

Sushi for lunch with good friends.  I got a sweet potato roll to switch things up; little did I know that the sweet potato would be fried.  Initially I was tempted to throw a hissyfit, throw the fried food at the waiter, and order a bucket of lettuce. But I ate it and ENJOYED every last bite and I’m still alive, still healthy, still feeling great!

Chips and salsa for a snack?  Is this allowed? While I almost had a heart attack skipping my usually midday smoothie or yogurt & granola bowl, splurging was worth it because it meant having good conversation with a beautiful friend. In the scheme of life, I won’t remember “that day when I chose chips over a healthy smoothie”. Nope nope nope, I’ll remember the time spent with loved ones!


And I had a necessary bowl of froyo, unpictured because I’m ravenous when I step foot in a neverending-bowl-of-yogurt-and-chocolate-toppings place.


Dinner was leftover vegetable curry, some broccoli with salsa (salsa will not leave me alone) , and tonssss of snacking. Wheat thins, artichoke dip, cheddar pretzels, graham crackers…

Yesterday was a sweet reminder that breaking routine is good, it’s healthy. Relationships need to be a priority over my eating schedule. It was a necessary reminder that there can’t be a restriction list, and snacking here and there is normal. I love seeing disordered thoughts become smaller and smaller in my head (*knock on wood*) and am loving the prospect of starting a normal, healthy life again.


If I had a craving to lift some “heavy” weights, does that mean I have too much testosterone?  An empty gym lacking in scary muscular men hogging the bench presses convinced me to give it a go.  (Usually I stick to dumbbells and the “girl machines”.)  I grew some balls  and whipped out the big muscles.  I’ve never felt so STRONG and so winded after a weights workout.

My love for weights is ever-increasing (even though it causes my appetite to be ever-increasing), so I’ve been doing research on tried and true methods for weight-lifting.  I know I know, every body is different, but I need some sort of guideline to get myself motivated and to make sure I know what I’m doing.

THOUGHTS?!  I just ordered it off of Amazon, so hopefully it ends up being atleast somewhat helpful.  So, people aren’t lying when they say that heavy-lifting for women doesn’t make you the next Ahnold Shwarzeneegster right?  If I see any bulking up in the slightest, I’m ditching the weights and going back to my ex-BFF cardio.

Today is a much needed day off.  Not really though since I’ll be working half the day.  But my body needs some majah majah rest!

Strength training or cardio?




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3 responses to “Saturday Shmaturday

  1. Oh my lanta I’m the same way with breaking routines, it can feel so creepy sometimes! I guess we just get so comfortable in our ruts it’s difficult to break out. I’m so excited you had fun with friends though and told your ED to GTFO haha 😀
    I’m strength training all the way, cardio and I are not friends AT ALL. I have the worst running endurance of any human alive haha I think you’re going to love that book, it was one of the many weight training books I researched that helped me start loving heavy lifting 🙂
    Have a great weekend!!

  2. i just got the book! love it already!!!

  3. This post definitely hits home for me. I always think I find comfort in my routine, but if I stick to my routine too long without breaking out of it, I feel lonely and stuck in a rut. I always force myself to make plans with people that break my routine. I always get really nervous and a little agitated when I have to break away from my routine, but afterwards, I always feel so good. Good times with friends are way more important than healthy eating and working out according to plan : )

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