Post-Christmas blues

So only 5 months until Christmas!  Someone is a little too excited.  Yesterday was celebrated, of course, with Christmas cookies and my all-time fav Christmas CD.  Once December hits, this CD is on repeat all day everyday (and has been for like the past 5 years).

The morning started out with Christmas tree pancakes for the brother.

Post-Zumba last night, we ripped open a bag of sugar cookie mix and became Christmas elves for the night.

Isn’t Kirstyn’s snowman perfect?  Obviously the uglier, messy ones are mine.  No artistic genes reside in me at all.

Seriously, I’m obsessed with Zumba and was able to go back again last night.  Few things could have made last night a better Christmas in July.  Like Jingle All The Way or A Christmas Story.  And hot chocolate.  Except our AC is broken and I’m not drinking a hot drink when it’s 85 degrees inside.


As I recovery and feel myself getting back to normal (& enjoying life!), I’m more willing to reopen those doors with old friends and to start new relationships that are more than welcome to get in the way of my routine.  And as old friendships take root again, I feel myself healing better, faster.

I always thought the friendships were a burden and a wall that I had to get over to the place I wanted to be.  I didn’t want anyone in my business, didn’t want to be hurt.  Psh, I “didn’t need friends”.

But they’re what always got me through and are helping me to take great leaps now.  It’s not easy after I isolated myself for so long, but I do know that my time will be much better spent pursuing friends than selfishly planning out my days around my own schedule.  God’s grace has been SO evident in this area of my life recently, opening so many doors, and most importantly opening my eyes to the importance of love and friendship.

“When we consider the blessings of God—the gifts that add beauty and joy to our lives, that enable us to keep going through stretches of boredom and even suffering—friendship is very near the top.”—Donald W. McCullough, Mastering Personal Growth 



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5 responses to “Post-Christmas blues

  1. Oh my goodness, what an amazing idea to celebrate/bake for Christmas in July! I’m so so so happy that you’re loving life and friends again, it’s the greatest feeling in the world during recovery to get those aspects back 🙂 God is good!

  2. I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I CAN’T WAIT for Christmas!!!!!! YAYAYA. Best holiday of the year! Love the Christmas in July cookies and music! I think I will be jumping on this bandwagon..who doesn’t LOVE some MC tunes and COOKIES!

  3. ahh I love Christmas too!! Darn it for being so far away though… grr! haha
    Those cookies look phenomenal… those types are my favorite kind to snack on during the holidays 🙂

  4. Allie

    I love all of te celebrating! Friends are the best, aren’t they?!

  5. You’ve got great Christmas spirit 🙂 That’s a great quote, I love it so much, thanks for sharing!

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