Guilty until proven innocent

Howdy from Cheecargo!

Texas is brown.  I dislike Texas alot.  It’s such a treat to sit out on a porch and remember that there is such a color as green and it is possible for plants to be alive.  And I’m not sweating my booty off at 8:00 in the morning.

While I enjoy a lovely breakfast with different dishes 🙂  Ohhh the little things in life.  I brought my handy dandy snackpack *just in case* so I had some Kashi cereal that was ready to be devoured with fresh (already-pitted) strawbs and half a banana.

My aunt is an incredible baker, and has been one of my main inspirations in opening a bakery in the future.  These muffins are always freshly made when we come, because I’m obsessed to say the least.  They’re cinnamon banana, with a crumb topping which cannot be beaten by even the darkest of chocolates.


Yesterday I said I was excited to get away from home and just relax with family without having to worry about work, school, blah blah blah.  Still, I brought along my snackpack (which is almost gone already) and some workout DVDs so I could still be active and would have no excuses to get out of it.

Welp, this morning I was just not feeling working out at all.  And you know where that left me?  In an extreme guilty state, fretting over what’s going to happen to my body by the end of the day if I don’t get in some sort of workout.  I contemplated skipping breakfast because I “couldn’t afford the calories” and I almost had a panic attack thinking about a second day off in a row.

Okay, I am on vacation people.  I’m not eating 8 Big Macs and 5 pounds of spaghetti in one sitting, so I probably won’t blow up like a whale overnight.  I came to relax and already I’m stressing out more than I was back at home.  Ach when does this end!

I said a quick prayer about it and surrendered my body and day to our freaking awesome God and was reminded that my body isn’t mine, and taking a few days off won’t hurt a thing.  It’ll actually probably help.  It will be challenging, but after surviving enjoying Italy without a real workout for 8 days, I know I can make it through four days.

Do you deal with exercise guilt? How do you overcome it?  Okay obviously there’s no hiding that I do, and usually instead of giving into the guilt, I challenge myself to take a few more days off than planned just to prove to my irrational mind that there is nothing wrong with resting!





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24 responses to “Guilty until proven innocent

  1. Love this, all we can do is trust in the Lord, He brought us to our struggles and He will get us out of them 🙂 Looks like you’re gonna have so much fun away from this nasty Texas brownness haha Stay strong my friend and keep telling those thoughts who’s boss! Praying for ya! 🙂

  2. I used to suffer from a lot of exercise guilt, and I ruined so many vacations because I was too busy stressing over how to get a workout in to properly enjoy them. But when I quit exercising cold turkey during recovery, it reaaaaally helped heal my relationship with it because I found that the world doesn’t end, nor do I turn into a whale, if I don’t exercise. These days I take a lot more rest days and exercise a lot less than I used to, and I’m probably in the best shape that I’ve ever been. We underestimate the importance of rest… exercise is a lot of stress on the body, and it needs time to recover. Enjoy yourself, girlie, and don’t fret… it’ll only do you good 😀

    • That’s so awesome that you were able to quit completely and be okay with it, I’ve thought about doing that alot just to see how it goes, but can’t bring myself to do it yet! Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  3. I think we’ve all been there in terms of exercise/non exercise guilt! I took a week off for us to move (and I mean OFF…like we were sitting still in a car for 12 hours a day) and at first I was like AHHH I’m going to gain SO MUCH WEIGHT..but I ate what I wanted when I wanted and honestly I look exactly the same. haha. Nothing can change in a couple of days 🙂

    • Haha YES in my rational mind I know that it won’t change anything but can’t convince myself of that when I’m actually in the situation! Hope the moving process is still going smoothly!

  4. I love that you turned to God…because really, that is THE answer…to everything. You’ve got your head on right, girl! And taking a break will give your body a chance to recover, then once you get back home you’ll be ready to kick some serious booty again. I definitely know how you are feeling though. I get really anxious when I don’t workout…but then i realize how silly that is and think about the tons of people who don’t EVER workout. Then my situation doesn’t seem so horrible. 🙂

    • I’ve been thinking alot about how the majority of people don’t ever work out and they’re just fine, so how am I any different? Thanks for that reminder girl!

  5. You go girl! Prayer always helps 🙂

  6. That’s wonderful you turned to God for help, and I am glad He helped you
    I am struggling with this so so much right now, and it’s something I am definitely goign to talk about soon. I feel like a bloated blob if I don’t exercise, and yet I understand the importance of rest… ugh rational brain vs. irrational… rational must PREVAIL

    • I know right…one of these days I am SO hopeful that rationality will finally take over. I’m glad someone can relate and I’m looking forward to hear what you have to say about it!

  7. I think your method of dealing with exercise guilt is excellent! Looking to God for help with all struggles always seems to be the most peaceful way of dealing with anxious thoughts! I’ll say an extra prayer for all women who deal with exercise guilt (including me!) 🙂

  8. I’ve definitely dealt with exercise guilt!! It’s hard to overcome, but I always remind myself that a few rest days is good for the body. It needs time to repair and rejuvenate, and it’s way more fun to do it on vacation than when you’re at home. Turning to God is even more helpful. It quells my anxieties because I know in the end, that my relationship with Him is what matters and He will help me through the hardest of times!

  9. I get really overwhelmed when I vacation too. I just can’t relax and have a good time! I’m really trying to do better with it though and realize that one day, two days or a week isn’t going to make or break me 🙂

  10. ittybitsofbalance

    Don’t worry about feeling guilt– we ALL do at times. It took me a LONG time and a hardcore gym obsession to overcome my guilt over not working out, but I got here & you can too!

    Don’t sweat it 🙂

  11. I can certainly relate to the exercise guilt feelings. I battled back and forth with that all this past week. I knew I needed to rest and not stress those things, so I just did like you said and gave it up to God. Now I feel refreshed and ready for it all. If you’re feeling it – take it. Hope you have a great rest of your vacation!

    And PS – those muffins look amazing!

  12. I still struggle with exercise guilt!! Some days I just cant fathom giving my body a day of rest, my brain is CONVINCED that my body needs work. But then I hear my body screaming at me with sore muscles and body aches and I realize that my brain is trying to trick me. And while on vacation? Psh I just push exercise out of my mind and focus on what I am doing, with the ones I love 🙂

  13. I loveee love love the green scenery. I get so much of it in Washington it is amazing. THOSE MUFFINs..HOLY WHAT!?!!? I NEED those now. The cinnamon crumbs and chocolate and omg I am seriously drooling.

    I used to feel TERRIBLE workout/eating guilt for months straight. Sometimes the demons come back on days where I am not at work. I think to myself that I NEED to workout since I am not going to work (my job is a workout in itself) but most of those days I just need a rest!! I have gotten a lot better, I try to tell myself if I force the workout on days where I just don’t want to then I will end up HATING working out. Try something simple like going for a nice nature walk, that in and of itself it considered a workout, yet never feels like one!

  14. Haha, I actually have become used to Texas weather. 🙂 But I get you.

    Exercise guilt is something I deal with sometimes, but it really depends on if it’s like a guilt for one day or a week or whatever. But somedays, a rest is what my body needs.

  15. Today was the first day I had worked out since last Wednesday…almost a week ago! This for me almost made me crazy. During this time I almost compensated by trying to restrict and skip meals. But I stopped myself, ate normally and ended up having the best weekend in a long time.

    As a result of the 4 days I took off from exercising my overall workout this afternoon felt great & I had more energy to increase the intensity of my workout!

    Be strong and hang in there 🙂

  16. Errign

    I usually try to figure out WHY I’m feeling guilty and then go from there. If I’m feeling guilty because I haven’t exercise in a week or I’m eating reallllly awful, then I go exercise. If I’m feeling guilty because my mind is just screwing with me, then I rest.

  17. Oh do I suffer from exercise guilt. Lately I’ve been cutting back on my workouts and taking more rest days, forcing myself to accept and acknowledge that “HEY LOOK!” a rest day isn’t going to make me blow up like a balloon. I love that you turn to God for guidance and support 🙂 You’re doing an awesome job!

  18. Welcome to Illinois girl!!! I hope you’re having a fabulous time in Chicago…I love the city 🙂 I totally feel your angst over exercise guilt, I was feeling it the entire time I was in Italy and New Orleans. But what I try and remind myself is just to enjoy myself and the food, and that I worked hard for my vacation days. That way I can break my routine and indulge but without going overboard and wanting to eat everything in sight!

    I’m sure you’re doing a fantastic job but also don’t forget to try the deep dish pizza if you get the chance! Its the best 🙂
    Xoxo, Angie

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