August goals

Good morning & happy Friday to all the working crew out there!

It felt unbelievably good to be back in the gym this morning after a week off. *And by week off, I mean sitting around eating, chatting, and napping for an entire week.* A rest sure did me good, and I completed the very first workout of NROLFW.  It was short. I was disappointed. But enough of these 2 hour gym sessions that take over my morning.  I finished with a 3 mile run and called it a mornin’. Pure bliss.

Anyways, my August goals are 5 days late, which means 5 days fewer to complete them.  When there’s a will, there’s a way.

1.  Make goals.

Like I’ve said before, I never made goals…ever.  I was too afraid of not accomplishing them aka failing.  With a brand spankin’ new school year around the corner, it’s time for real goals for the future to be put into motion so I don’t waste anymore time.

2.  Go out of my comfort zone.

Comfort zone=staying in at night, going to bed at the routine time, eating what I want to eat when I want to eat.  Enough of that nonsense.  I’m determined to figure out what people mean when they say “College is the best time of your life”.  Honestly, so far college has been one of the worst times of my life, and it’s my own fault.  Every time I’m invited to do something that conflicts with my routine, I’m going to screw the routine and instead create relationships and pursue fun.

3.  Conquer the weight room at the rec center.

I’m shy and overly self-conscious.  I hate people watching me when I work out.  But really, how self-centered can I be…who would actually want to watch me stumble around with weights?  The weight room at my school’s rec center is straight up intimidating.  Huge guys slapping butts, mini earthquakes shaking the room as 400-pound weights hit the floor, and a huge lack of estrogen has made me steer clear of that area for the past two years.

There’s no way I can give up weight training, so time to get over my fear factor and be strong.  Literally.  I’m loving having muscle.

4.  Split up strength training & find a good strength training plan.

As much as I lovezzz my full body workouts, they take way too dang long.  Once school starts, time will be crunched all the time and I won’t have three hours to spare every single day to spend at the gym.

5.  Make grocery budget.

While other girls are out shopping for clothes and makeup, I continuously find myself wandering the aisles at the grocery store.  What can I say, I’m high maintenance when it comes to food.  So be it!

6.  Rest.

Sounds easy, but it’s not.  The past week showed me, once again, that rest is a good thing and it does your body a favor.  I slept better than I have in a long time, I wasn’t dragging myself through each hour, and my body wasn’t achey and sore every day.


What’s your main August goal?
Are you scared of the weight room or is it just me?  Shoutout to all the pansies with me! 😀

PS. Tomorrow’s a big day-my birffdaaaayyyy!  



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13 responses to “August goals

  1. Ohhh girl, I am so afraid of the weight room at the gym. Anytime I would even step foot in there is if I was with a man friend and I could have him “coach” me aka not be alone looking like a weirdo!! This is an excellent goal, one that I would struggle with for sure! I love all these goals. I too have never made any, but need to pronto!

  2. GREAT goals!! Rest can be so amazing 🙂 I get afraid of the free weights sometimes if a million guys are lifting haha

  3. Oh girllll you are not alone. I’m terrified of the weight section. I think it’s weird being in there I have enough weights to workout at home but they’re getting lighter and lighter so eventually I’ll need to conquer my fears.
    I love all your goals! Rest days are really tough. and i’m definitely with you on the shopping thing. I spend so much money on food it’s ridiculous. Food shopping > clothes shopping.

  4. Great goals, girl! I’m not much of a goal maker myself, but I definitely agree that making some can help you focus so that you’re more likely to achieve them. And don’t be afraid of failing. It’s true that if you don’t make goals, you can’t fail, but if you don’t make goals, you can’t succeed either. Always be positive 😀 As for the weight room, I was really intimidated when I first started, too, but I found that my fears were unnecessary. Everyone’s just in there doing their own thing, and half of them have no idea what they’re doing anyways 😉

  5. These goals sound wicked awesome, especially going out of your comfort zone, that takes guts!
    Best of luck conquering the gym, I can totally relate. It took me awhile to feel comfortable, but once I realized a lot of the dudes were way to interested in how big their biceps looked to even care about me, I got over it heehee 😀

  6. These are GREAT goals, so proud of you for making all of these! The comfort zone one might be tough but so so worth it 🙂

  7. Fantastic list of goals you’ve put together!
    Number 2 on your list is what I need to work on too 🙂

    Now go out there are conquer every single one on your list!

  8. These are some great goals you’ve got girl! Don’t worry, I don’t accomplish all of my goals but I still learn something from each and every one. It’s a win win situation 🙂

  9. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance


    Awesome goals– I really need to set an August grocery budget too. I just love food so much, it pains me!

  10. Before I started lifting — oh 18 months ago lol…oh man! — I was afraid of the weight room. I was TERRIFIED of people watching me mess up and judging me, etc. Plus I was a little tubby so I thought people would think I was a total joke.

    SO Max appeased me and started me out on machines for the first 4-8 weeks so I could get comfortable and when I started working out with free weights, I was shocked…no one cared I was there 😉 at all. I’ve only had a spattering of comments, and all of them have been along the lines of: “It’s cool to see a girl in the weight room”, “Are you going to compete?”, “That’s a LOT of weight for a little thing like you!” Nothing negative, ever.

  11. You’re off to a good start on your first goal! 🙂 I really like your second one. I’m the same way at college. I like my routine, but after I start thinking, I’ll this is it? This is what college is about? The times I’ve truly enjoyed college life is when I do something spontaneous. Good luck!

  12. YESSSS great goals! I too used to be scared about stepping out of my comfort zone. but GIRL it is so worth it- college is when we need to live it up and be spontaneous! you wont go off the deep end. you still know your heart and God knows your heart- plus you can stay out late and be doing fun stuff with out friends, you dont have to be doing anything wrong! throw that schedule away atleast a couple days a week and have FUN!!! college is over before u know it, you arent 40 yet!!

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