Things I’m loving

Hello bloggeeroos!  How has your week been? Yesterday was a much needed break from the technology world!  Some days I wish I still played red rover and in sandboxes instead of staring at computers and cell phones for hours on end.

I have quite a few serious posts swarming around in my head for the next few weeks, especially with school and alot of other changes coming up, so I’m keeping today light.  Does anyone else go through phases where you get hooked on one thing and try to incorporate it into your life in every possible way? This is how I feel about salsa:

I used to be a pansy when it came to hot foods; now there can’t be enough spicy in my life.

Grapes. Why oh why do my parents insist on torturing me with endless pounds of grapes?  Between my brother and I, we go through about 3 pounds a day.

Carbalicious breakfasts.  Eating carbs (and loving them) has been a huge step in my recovery, as I used to see them as the culprit for gaining weight.  Now I can’t get enough bread and oatmeal in my life, they are my true loves.

I caved and got a smart phone.  I may or may not be the last one to join the partay.  Carpal tunnel, here I come!

Kristin Hannah is my new Jodi Picoult.  This book left me bawling like a freaking baby!  Its focus on relationships-especially the relationships between two best friends and a mother & daughter-reopened my eyes to the time I lost with my loved ones over the past two years.  The story was a great reminder of the power and importance of love.  When it comes down to it, that’s what gets you through life.  Not just get through, but enjoy life.  Not a job, not looks, not the gym.  Love.  I cannot wait to read more of her books!

On the subject of love, romcoms have made a reappearance into my daily routine. Don’t call me lame, but I may have watched three yesterday with friends.  Crazy Stupid Love, No Strings Attached, and Love & Other Drugs.

I haven’t posted any workouts recently because they haven’t been all too world-changing.  Strength training has been my focus instead of cardio and I lurrrrve it! Here’s what I’ve been doing over the past week:

Sunday – Legs
Bulgarian split squats ss stepups (3×12, 8, 8)
Squats ss plie squats (3×8)
Jump squats (3×10) ss deadlifts (3×8)
Walking lunges (6×15) ss inner thigh ball squeeze ss hip abductor ss hip adductor
Donkey kicks (3×10) ss calf raises (3×15)

Monday – Back & Abs
1 arm row (3×10)  + bicycle kicks (2×1 min)
Reverse grip pulldown + hanging knee lifts
Seated row + hyperextension
Wide-grip pulldown  (12, 8, 6, 8, 12)
Reverse flyes + stability ball sit-ups
Finish with 2×30 secs of each ab exercise: (borrowed from here)
reverse crunch
left oblique crunch
right oblique crunch
tow touch

Tuesday – Chest & Shoulders <–FAV thing to workout
Incline bench press (15, 12, 12)
Flat bench press on stability ball + lateral raises
Chest flyes + “Y” shoulder press
Pushups + upright rows
Pec deck machine (3×10)
Shoulder circles (2×10) 

Thursday – Back & Hammys
Deadlifts (15, 12, 10)
Alternating rows (12, 3×8)
Row on hyperextension bench + leg press
Wide-grip pulldown + hamstring curl machine
Pec deck reverse + pelvic raises + stability ball rollouts 

Usually I’m pretty pooped after the weights to do a long cardio session, so I do a short HIIT or speed workout on the tready and run tempo-paced until I get to 3 miles.

Sorry for the randomness post, hope you enjoy your weekend to the fullest and the heat doesn’t prevent you from doing anything fun!


What’s your favorite muscle group to workout? Chest for sure!
What’s something you’re loving lately?  
Any exciting weekend plans? My last early Saturday morning shift (PTL) and that’s about exciting as things get around here for now!





6-minute workout – Love Zuzana’s workouts, always leave me feeling beastly and sweaty in such a short amount of time
At-home remedies <– want to try these to see if they actually work!
Need to jazz up your workout? Men’s Health workout generator




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16 responses to “Things I’m loving

  1. I love the randomness post. I can’t get enough of grapes either. The new foot network mag has a whole page on grapes o_o apparently they’re “in season” during september. It gives 30 ways to use grapes.
    My favorite part of body to workout is definitely my legs and arms! more my arms.. abs is my least favorite.
    Lately I’ve been loving frozen grapes and hummus. together.

  2. I need to get a Kristin Hannah book! They seem so complex, but in a good way. My favorite muscle to work is either legs or shoulders but my chest gets soo see really easy haha. I’m excited for school to start 🙂

  3. I have such a weakness for grapes… I could easily go through a bag of ’em in one sitting… but my stomach doesn’t appreciate that all too much lol. Lately I’ve really been lovin’ on pimped out rice cakes. They make the perfect crunchy base for stuff like almond butter, cottage cheese, honey, and jam. Swoooon. And my favorite muscles to work are probably my legs and butt. I love arms, too, but they whoop me lol.

  4. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    It took me a LONG time to start eating carbs again too. It’s such a shame to see what ridiculous fears society and the food industry has brainwashed us with!

    Something I’m loving lately— HUMMUS 😀

  5. Well you know I have an odd relationship with carbs too, so I am so so proud of you for finally enjoying them! They are so essential and amazing for you…it’s just too bad it took me so dang long to figure that out!
    I could easily eat pounds and pounds of grapes per day! But then my stomach starts to rebel against me haha.. but they are super tasty
    I LOVE Kristin Hannah too! Literally cannot stop reading these books! I have almost finished every single one she has written, just one more to go! Which is your favorite so far?

  6. blissfulbritt

    I am obsesssssessderdedsder with salsa and anything spicy! WELCOME to smart phone world..don’t worry we can be newbs to this world together.

  7. allthingswholesome

    Oh I love Jodie Picoult so I may have to try this book then. 🙂
    Ohh im a baby with spicy food, i just avoid it, i want to enjoy it, but my gosh i hate the feeling of my mouth being on fire. haha

    I hope you are having a lovely Friday.
    Love jess xx

  8. yay spicy food!! I’ve got to get a Kristin Hannah book. I love working out my legs and doing lots of stretching 🙂

  9. every single thing up there I love too. I read Firefly Lane last summer and bawled my eyes out by the end. Such a good book. She’s a great author! Lately I’ve been all about home-made trail mix. Nuts, Cereal, Dried fruit, Chocolate chips. I eat it wayyy too often, haha. This weekend all I plan on doing is getting all my stuff packed to move into my new apartment!

  10. Hey that’s my phone too! You’re gonna go crazy, it’s the best ever 🙂 And I’m loving your weight lifting routine, it looks like my kinda split!

  11. I read FireFly lane too, and it made me cry like a baby! I can relate: salsa can on anything right now!

  12. Yay for spicy food! Sriracha always ends up in my savory meals. My favorite muscle group to work out switches between legs and back depending on which one is less sore ha. Plans for the weekend…snacking on granola? I’m not sure yet. 🙂

  13. Love all the weight sessions girl 🙂 I really need to spice up my weights. They feel so lackluster you know?!

  14. Errign

    Abs for me!

    I liked Love & Other Drugs – very cute 🙂

  15. I love Natalie Portman 😀

    I used to be a total baby about spicy too….well I still am =) haha. And grapes are soooo so good!!! I’ve been eating a ton of those lately too =D

  16. your workouts sound awesome! keep up the great work! 🙂

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