We can’t all be Adam Richman

The best way to refuel:

Maybe not the right way, but the best way.  But it gave me a major stomachache, which can only mean one thing: I need to eat more froyo so my body can get used to the copious amounts of sugar.

The right way to refuel:

Sitting on the porch with a blackberry/banana/vanilla smoothie bowl, the sound of the ocean rushing pool water, and my Bible.

Exercise in my life used to be a way to burn all of the calories that I put into my body.  In a nutshell, refueling was out of the question.  Now that I know how important it is for my body’s repair and restoration, I almost fear not refueling properly.

So it drives me a little cray cray when my dad-who runs marathons-comes home after a run to refuel with one Poptart.  Okay, first off, even looking at that silver wrapper makes me want to gag. In order to “lose weight” he believes that ONLY the amount of calories he puts into his body matters.  According to him, as long as you stay under the calorie ceiling, you’ll lose weight. Even if that means eating one 1500 calorie burger for an entire day.

Adam Richman - Foodie idol right thur

Instead of eating balanced meals every few hours, he eats not-so-healthy foods in small amounts to restrict calories.  I feel like I’m looking in a mirror sometimes-he is adapting the same habits that I had during my worst days.

How do you convince a 50-year old man who thinks he knows everything that that is the wrong way to refuel and the wrong way to treat his body? And is that even my place to say anything?  After all, I’m not a registered dietician of any sorts.  Everything I know is based off of what works for my body.  Any time I try to encourage a healthier food relationship, it escalates into an argument.

None of my family members have overly good eating habits yet if I try to encourage healthier eating, smarter grocery shopping, an active lifestyle, it seems to have the opposite effect.  I want to have a career encouraging kids to eat healthier and be more active, however that will look.  But if I can’t even convince my own family of the benefits and the energy a healthy lifestyle can bring, how in the world could I convince kids I don’t even know to do such a thing?

I know how stubborn I was back in the day about food, where nothing anyone said could change my mind.  I was stuck in my ways and any lectures went in one ear and out the other.  I don’t want my family to be another statistic in the rising epidemics of obesity, diabetes, cancer, etc.  Yet stubbornness seems to be the main obstacle.

Forcing a healthier lifestyle is impossible.  A person has to desire that to make the necessary changes in his or her own life.  So how do you encourage that when there is no desire?  

QuestionDo any of your family members live an unhealthy lifestyle in terms of food or exercise?
What is the best way to encourage healthier food habits without shoving it down someone’s throat? 




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13 responses to “We can’t all be Adam Richman

  1. My family is LOADED with unhealthy habits, I cant even begin to explain them to you. They are why I have been so messed up in terms of food for so long! Trying to share a healthy lifestyle with them is like talking to a brick wall, it can be really discouraging. But I wont give up!!

  2. Oh my lanta Adam Richman is my favorite!!! I seriously love that guy, he’s like a giant teddy bear! Best show ever 🙂
    My dad sometimes does weird things on his running days. He’s training for a half marathon, so he has one day a week with a long run, a run needing lotsa fuel. It’s weird because he’ll not eat anything but a teeny protein bar all day afterwards and then have a giant dinner of like 5000 calories. It frustrates me! I keep trying to teach him proper fuelage, but it never sinks in. Oh well, what can ya do eh? maybe one day it’ll hit him haha

  3. Argh. It’s so frustrating to see people do stupid things, especially because it’s so hard to convince them that these things are, in fact, stupid. I think everyone just needs to learn it on their own. I remember being stuck in my disordered eating ways and not listening to anyone – I was absolutely convinced that I knew everything and that my way was the right way. I look back now and realize that it was all nonsense, but I was totally too stubborn to change back then. My family has some unhealthy habits, and I used to get on their case all the time about it, but it never helped. I think the best way to get people to change is just to lead by example and show them that healthy is awesome, but that there’s still room for fun too 😀

  4. I love Adam Richmans show!! But, regarding your family and trying to get them to lead a better lifestyle, I think personally that it’s always harder to get people you love and care about to change and easier to tell people you don’t know the benefits of being healthy. The one’s you love will ALWAYS get defensive (I’ve come to the point where I just do what I do, and I don’t try to talk to them about it. They just see me and ask me questions about how to be healthier). Lead by example 🙂 Thats the best way I’ve found to help people in my family.

  5. This is definitely a tough situation and one that I completely can relate to! Although my mom is not a hard core runner or fitness savvy person, she does still workout and is trying to lose a bit of weight… but in the wrong way! She does the exact same thing your dad does, can only eat one thing all day that is very calorie-loaded and then be perfectly fine. I can’t imagine doing that, I’m also crazy hungry alll of the time!
    I try to tell her about the importance of refueling too, especially after workouts, and she sorta does it…but there is certainly room for improvement

  6. Argh this is so frustrating girl. I can completely relate. My mom comes home and will only eat a cup of yogurt for dinner claiming “she had a big lunch” but I’ve seen her struggles through my lifetime and I know better than that. She’s trying to lose weight but she is doing it all wrong. I wouldn’t say she’s really unhealthy but her habits aren’t the best influence.
    I’m trying to encourage her to eat healthier throughout the day by picking out some snacks that will keep her full for longer and I make her overnight oats everyday 🙂

  7. This is a tough one! I know what you mean.. I have had this problem with my family before but I suppose all you can do it just pray for them and set a good example 🙂

  8. My family is way less into healthy eating than I am. It’s difficult to always be the odd man out but in the end, I want to do my thing and eat what I want and just try my best to not care what others may think about it!

  9. In the end all you can do is keep encouraging them. Just keep leading by example, maintain your healthy eating habits. Also cook more for them like dinner (I do this most nights).

  10. I think out Dad’s our twins! My dad runs marathons, and is a horrible eater. He will have a mcDonalds hamburger which will “hold him off all day”. He can’t run with anything on his stomach, so he doesn’t have breakfast before he goes. I can understand that (although I need breakfast before going for a morning run), but when he gets back he just has a small bowl of cereal even though it’s about lunch time!

    I actually started lecturing him about it, and making him smoothies after his runs and telling himself to make a big omelette or something! He’s starting to get the hang of it! Good luck with your dad, I know it can be frustrating sometimes!

  11. My family doesn’t have an issue of eating unhealthy..but my boyfriend had that EXACT same thought process when he was in the Navy!! He was always saying “I’m under my calories, so I can eat 20 chicken wings and be okay” or “I ran a mile today, so I’ll eat this entire pizza.” It drove me crazy!! He’s gotten SO much better since moving in with me, though. He’s actually tracking his calories and becoming really concerned with all the macronutrients in what he’s eating. It’s making me so proud. 🙂

  12. Ohh man what a difficult situation!! My mom eats pretty well because she has adapted A LOT of habits that I have brought into her life. My dad eats “OK” he eats real meals, but does not shy away from fake fake fake foods. I wish I could help you about your dad situation, but like you said sometimes people are so stuck in their ways and they really think that how they are doing things is right. Maybe when you make yourself something to eat, make a little more and offer some to him.

  13. Aw, that is a tough one! I experence the same with my dad! He has been trying to lose weight for.. as long as I have lived I think! And he is all about the calories! And it isnt working! I wish he saw that, and understood that he is a BIG MAN, and he NEEDS calories, but he also needs to eat HEALTHY! Diet foods arent always diet foods! Im sure he would do so much better if he only started to eat better foods, listen to his body, eat slower!

    One of my biggest motivations for getting out of my ED and just be super-healthy, is to show my family how much better it is!
    Good luck with your dad 🙂

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