Staying sane

Horrible news:  I lost cannot find my camera.  All I wanted to do was brag about the GORGEOUS weekend that I had in the beautiful state of North Carolina, but instead I’m on the verge of tears because I don’t have any pictures!  Hopefully, fingers crossed, either I find it in my bag of crap or the hotel found it.

Good news:  I love having a smart phone.  She kept me up with Google Reader so I could stalk your blogs away from home.

Tomorrow is the *big day* as I’m moving back to school for good.  There’s so many emotions tied to that but I don’t want to be a total Negative Nancy yet.  So instead, I’m racking my brain for ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle while still having fun in college.  Last year, fun wasn’t in my vocabulary as my disordered eating took a turn for the worse.  So I’m going old-school [from 2 years ago], stealing tips from my freshman year of college when things were fun and I actually had a life.

Pick one night a week to go out, stay up late, and have fun!

I do miss going out and dancing and getting my sweat on on the dance floor.  Giving yourself one night a week to let loose and stray from the typical routine keeps things interesting and alive. Sleeping in one morning won’t kill you either.  Suggestion: take the next day off from the gym.  That way, you won’t be stressin’ all night about waking up for a workout the next morning.

Prep food ahead of time.

College doesn’t have to be about late night TB and McD’s runs.  I cut veggies, cook food in bulk, pack lunches, etc on the weekends so I’m not grabbing those easy packaged foods during the week.  Prepped veggies come in handy dandy to throw in wraps, stirfrys, salad monsters, rice messes, or just to snack on.  (Although I’m not judging a late-night taco run

Grocery shop on weekends.

I try to get as many errands done as possible on the weekends.  Saturday mornings are the best time to go grocery shopping in a college town because literally nobody is awake.  It’s beautiful.  Beat the crowds, get ready for the week…because having a stocked pantry makes any week worthwhile.

Eat lots of froyo.

The town my college is in is bombarded with frozen yogurt shops and I am more than ready to eat pounds of it this semester.  I would say it’s a healthy way to relieve stress 😉 and have over good conversation with friends.

Wake up early.

So you can see beautiful skies like this.  My workout schedule has been super lax this summer since I virtually had no schedule.  BUT school is school, and I don’t go to school to workout.  For me personally, I like to get my exercise out of the way early in the morning so I can focus on my to-do list and homework during the day.  If it’s going to weigh on your mind all day, get it over with in the morning. You might be the only crazy early bird but your sanity will thank you.

Don’t stress over missing a workout.

All of the walking on college campuses is a workout in itself, am I right?  This is something I’m definitely going to struggle with.  Let’s face it though, it’s not always practical to spend an hour at the gym.  Or even a half hour.  Sleep does take priority sometimes, so sleep your heart out.

Practice yoga.

This addition to my life last semester was my saving grace.  It kept me sane and calm when things were crazy AND it made me more flexible than I ever have been in my life.  Win, win.  Even if it’s 10 minutes a day, take the time to focus on yourself and your body.


How do you fit in working out in your school schedule?
Any more tips to stay sane and have fun at the same time?




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11 responses to “Staying sane

  1. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Gah! I’m sorry you lost your camera! Mine is my baby so I can only imagine how it must feel 😦

    But all of thee are great tips– I’m in a college town at the moment too and can definitely concur to the shopping on Saturday mornings & chopping veggies!

  2. Oh no!! I would DIE without my camera. I hope you can find it asap girl!
    Love your tips, I totally follow the food prep, grocery shoppin on weekends, and waking up early. I’m still working on not stressin over missed workouts, but I feel like I’m making progress 🙂 Best of luck to you this semester, here’s to some stress free fun!

  3. GREAT TIPS. I hope you find your camera girl! That really sucks.
    I’m always prepping my lunches before school! I have to have stuff to bring with me cafeteria food isn’t really that great.
    Shopping on Friday night, Saturday mornings, and Saturday nights are the BEST. no seriously like no one is in there and you can find some awesome deals

  4. I love all these tips. These are definitely things I’ll use this year as I try to juggle college life and healthy living.

    I hope you find your camera!!! Hopefully the hotel will find it!

  5. sorry about your camera 😦
    these are all really good tips. I think yoga is totally key, especially when carrying all those heavy books around!

  6. This is a great approach for the upcoming semester!
    I try and workout most mornings but at least twice a week I workout in the afternoons. Sometimes you just need to sleep in a bit!

  7. I would cry my eyes out if I lost my camera- I hope you find yours soon! Well, this year will be my first year of being a full time college student, but I’m living at home so I’m not really worried about the food portion/freshman 15. I love prepping veggies and planning my meals out on the weekend so it’s easier to grab and go during the week. I fit working out into my schedule every single morning. I wake up before I have to get to class and get it over and done with so I don’t have to worry about it the rest of the day.
    All of these are really great tips! 🙂

  8. Bahh I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your camera! 😦 I hope you find it soon, I’m sure it will turn up when you aren’t even looking for it. That always happens to me!
    I always work out in the morning but I have noticed that I really am much more tired and the workouts are suffering. I am actually considering doing ones in the afternoon, just to switch things up from time to time

  9. Allie

    I hope you have an AWESOME semester!

  10. These tips rock! I need to put some of them into practice! NO BUENO about your camera..GAH..I hope you find it ASAP! =(

  11. I hope you find your camera soon, that must suck! I’ve learned I have to be flexible with my workout schedule. I may plan a workout between classes, and then find out a project group wants to get together to work on a project. Looks like you have a great strategy to having a good semester! I try to get my errands done on the weekend too!

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