WIAW surv

Every week I anticipate WIAW (thanks Jenn!) and think I’m going to do something fun and creative.  But alas, it is another Wednesday and that plan failed. Again.

I now have to take all of my pictures on my camera phone.  Shout out to my smartphone, I’m obsessed, thanks for giving me wordswithfriends and sudoku at my fingertips 24/7.  All I want is my camera to show you the AMAZING food I got to indulge in over the weekend.  Oh well, here’s a little survey to spice up my typical boring Tuesday noms.

Mid afternoon snack: protein cake topped with AB & apple with cinnamonnn

3 favorite local restaurants: Madden’s Casual Gourmet, The Corner (for fish tacos-favorite meal ever) and Kyoto Sushi, what else?


3 favorite chain restaurants: CHICKFILA, Jason’s Deli, Subway.

3 least favorite foods: whipped cream, fruit pies, white bread.  And working at a coffee shop slathering that white goop on drinks all day long made me hate whipped cream even more.  Yucckyuckyuck.

Dinner: grilled tilapia, long grain rice, salad, berries, and unpictured home-made WHOLE WHEAT BREAD. delissssshhhh

Favorite version of PBJ: strawberry jelly & crunchy PB.  Adding a piece of muenster cheese doesn’t hurt either.  I wish I still ate PB&J for lunch every day…now I settle for monster salads or some other veggie mush.

Lunch: huge salad with veggies, egg whites, slivered almonds, sunflower seeds, cottage cheese - protein & fats galore

How do you like your eggs:  scrambled, over-easy, microwaved? As long as they’re covered in salsa or mixed with spinach, I’m a happy happy girl.

How do you take your coffee/tea?  BLACK iced americano, extra ice.  Every once in a while I’ll add a little almond milk or skim milk, but that’s on a rare occasion.

Do any foods bring back bad memories?  Kashi Blueberry and Diet Coke!  Those were my staples at my lowest point and caused a severe lack of calories and nutrients.  I could never give up Kashi for real, but it doesn’t taste as delightful as it once did.

What foods bring back good memories? peanut butter & honey sammys and dunkaroos. Oh how I long to be 6 years old again!


Enjoy your WEDNESDAY & make it a good one!

Do you remember Dunkaroos? 
What foods bring back good memories for you? 



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9 responses to “WIAW surv

  1. Finally someone else who hates whipped cream! 😛 And heck yes I remember dunkaroos, those used to be my all time favorite snack droool. Man I miss those!! 😀

  2. Omg I love whipped cream!! But I’ll still keep reading your blog 😉 I don’t even remember the last time I had a dunkaroo 😦 Good times

  3. DUNKAROOS!!!! thanks for reminding me those ever existed. I ate them like no one’s business. Hmmm foods that bring back memories oh man probably poptarts. ha those burned the back of my throat but I loved them

  4. I love black coffee especially before and afternoon workout!
    Dunkaroos this was a staple for recess when I was younger 🙂

  5. mac and cheese brings back memories like crazy for me 🙂 my dadd used to always make me a bowl with a hotdog chopped up in it and ketchup on the side. I loved it!!

  6. jenandberries

    I’m with you on the whipped cream girl, its so wrong! Salsa spinachy eggs look lovely 🙂 Chocolate covered apples with sprinkles bring back happy bonfire night memories for me..in fact anything with candy sprinkles!

  7. My mom always put Dunkaroos in my lunch as a kid. The person that invented those was a genius! I love salsa on my eggs too, if I’m out of salsa, then I may as well be out of eggs, because I won’t cook eggs if I know I’ve got no salsa to put on them. But honestly, I never let myself run out of salsa, it’s a staple!

  8. I remember Dunkaroos! I always used to beg my mom to buy them for me, but she only would on occasion 😦 Still, those occasions were like the best times ever, and I’d lick up all the cream and every single crumb. And I remember Fruit by the Foot too! Eee so many good lunch box snacks.

    As for my feel good food… definitely chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. They bring back so many good memories of baking with my mom 😀

  9. Amanda

    The Walmarts in the Dallas area are selling Dunkaroos again. I just about peed myself when I saw them. Unfortunately, they only have the chocolate kind at the stores by me. 😦


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