Finding positives in the midst of an empty fridge

It’s official: I am back at school.  I think the sky is just as bummed as I am because after a three month drought, it’s FINALLY RAINING!  Oh how beautiful it was to sleep in the rain last night.  Also, after three months, I finally have a to-do list.  In other words, I actually have stuff to do! Hallelujah…

My emotions are all over the place about being back at school already, BUT in hopes of maintaining a positive attitude to start off a fresh year, I’ll save that to sort out in tomorrow’s post.  First thing I checked when I got here was ze pantry.  What else would take priority?

My stomach cringed at the sight of Poptarts, Oreos, Cheezits, Chips, fake PB, chips chips chips, mac & cheese.  A grocery shopping sesh is way overdue.  PS can you spot my little corner of the pantry?

AB, multiple jars of PB, agave; unpictured almond milk, flaxseed, chia seeds, seaweed snackies

One good thing about coming back to school: grocery shopping.  As I was creeping on blogs over the past week, I seriously was jealous at all of your extravagant grocery shopping trips.  Today is myday and I cannot wait to get my hands on some new foods 😀

An empty fridge is not something I roll with.  Fruit, fresh veggies, yogurt, cottage cheese?

Luckily we already have the necessary cans of cinnamon, sea salt, garlic powder, and baking supplies so I can get my bake on if nothing else.

And thankfully, my wonderful father sent me off with a year’s month’s supply of Kashi.

And I was able to snag a few essential goodies at Target to enjoy my first meal at the new house.  Another good thing about coming back to school: new dishes.  To say I was getting sick of those green and yellow flower plates back home is an understatement.

Toasted bagel with mustard and veggie burger patty; frozen broccoli and zucchini tossed with garlic powder, salt, and freshly ground pepper

Lesson #1: never eat frozen zucchini.
Lesson #2: water tastes better from a Harry Potter cup. real talk.

After working sooooo hard – but not really,my room is still a mess – I figured I earned multiple bowls of cereal.  Best midnight snack?  I would say so.

Original puffins, raw oats, dark DARK chocolate for good measure

Other positives about coming back to school:
Getting to learn again.  Call me a nerd and I’ll love you forever-but I LOVE SCHOOL.  Don’t love tests, but cracking open a brand new used textbook  and getting to challenge my brain again gets me giddy.
Getting to worship God with good friends.  I’m blessed to go to a school where God is so evident in almost everything.  I’m excited to reconnect and get to see God move like cray cray this semester.
Living with my bfffffffs.  After a bad rooming situation last year, I’m more than ready to have fun and have a place to call home with lovely ladies.
Possibly joining a *real* gym.  And by real, I mean a gym you pay for.  There is a student rec center, but it’s always packed…and I just don’t feel like having to wait hours to get in a good workout.  Back home, I go to a local gym that’s free for neighborhood residents.  Can a poor college student on a tight budget afford to take a glimpse in the real world?  We shall see.

I’m off to enjoy the sound of rain and a cloudy sky over a good breakfast after sleeping in 🙂  Have a great Thursday and good luck to everyone starting classes today!


Have you ever tried frozen zucchini?  After one piece, I wanted to vomit.  I won’t judge if you like it though!
What’s your favorite thing about going back to school?  Learning, meeting new people, getting in a routine are all dandy for me.



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18 responses to “Finding positives in the midst of an empty fridge

  1. Haha awwwr. Your little corner of the pantry looks so overwhelmed by all of the other stuff. Definitely a reason to stock up and claim some more turf. I always enjoyed going back to school… I liked to learn new things and get back into a routine, and I didn’t even mind the homework so much because at least it gave me something to do. As long as you’re learning something that you enjoy, then it’s not so bad. And noooooo to frozen zucchini. I have enough trouble stomaching the fresh kind… I can’t even imagine what it would be like frozen 😯

  2. Ahhhh have fun today!!! Load up on some goodies my friend! Haha I love your little corner in the pantry, poor pumpkin can and maranatha all alone up in there.
    I’m actually really excited to start learning again too, my idle mind was getting SO bored these last few weeks of summer. And I totally know that giddy feeling from a new textbook, it induces goosebumps fo sho 😀

  3. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Haha you & I are in very similar boats, Haley. My roommate & I share a pantry and it looks VERY similar to yours! Her shelf has tons of things similar to fake pb and cheez – itz, while mine is loaded with almond butter & pumpkin 😉

  4. I just graduated college and am about to start my first big girl job on monday. I’m jealous you’re starting up! My brain is loving the break from studying, but there are times when I wish i was taking classes again!

  5. Errign

    I’m jealous of your grocery shop. I’m going out of town so I’m down to nothingggg in my fridge. can’t wait to restock when I get back!

  6. I’m seeing that kashi and I’m lovin it 🙂 I do enjoy going back to school and having something to focus on! and I get to see all my friends and complain about something new. I’m really good at complaining. har har
    I actually tried frozen zucchini last night… it was errr alright. Definitely not something I would purchase frozen again

  7. I think I need a Harry Potter cup. I think I would struggle a lot less with hydration if I had one!! I also would absolutely love it if my father gave me that much Kashi cereal. I could live off the stuff!!

  8. Mmm I am loving your stash of Kashi! I concur about the complaining thing, I do it all of the time and people can always realate

  9. lol I love that harry potter cup, reminds me i need to get some new bowls mugs and cups!
    Frozen zucchini never tried this not sure if I want to. I like making zucchini chips!

  10. Allie

    You get to live in a house at school?! That is awesome!!

  11. Just the thought of frozen zucchini makes me want to vomit. Not gunna lie! I like it better chopped up in salads, grilled, or sauteed with some shrimp.
    &We can be nerds together because I also like going back to school to LEARN. I don’t actually like going back, but I love the whole learning part thats involved. 😛
    Have a good day! 😀

  12. jenandberries

    I’m so pleased you are gonna be with your friends! Ugh I had the crappyest year 1st year of uni but met some amazing girlies in the 2nd year 🙂 Love the Harry Potter cup and dark chocolate in cereal – yum! I’m right with you, the start of the year is so exciting, it’s like a fresh start to say hey I’m gonna work my butt off this year, and then slowly get distracted hehe

  13. good luck on the new school year! I can’t wait to see your grocery loot. I could use some ideas because I’ll be doing the same thing this weekend!

  14. I’m not a fan of zucchini unless it’s baked into muffins or bread…so nope, I haven’t tried it frozen! I’ll make sure to steer clear of it. That’s great your focusing on the positives of a new school year, awesome way to keep a good attitude!

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