Not enough time to eat? What?!

Boy do I miss being able to sit down for a meal atleast 3 times a day.  Multitasking came back into my life this week at its finest:

frozen banana, greek yogurt, Kashi, dark choc PB while doing YOGA

Daily morning cookie dough smoothie while catching up on the blog world

greek yogurt mess & fresh strawbs over STUDYING

turkey & avocado on bagel thin while driving - maybe not such a good idea

blueberry banana protein smoothie while watching keeping up with the kardashians

I’ve swapped my placemat and utensils for my lap and my fingers.  Goodbye table manners.  Take away my books and the pressure of time…I just want to sit down and have a meal!

One thing I’ve noticed is that food has become less in my life.  As in, it’s not always on my mind…I’m not bogged down with thoughts of getting fat…I’m not worried about calories…

There’s just enough time to think and make a wise food choice, but there isn’t enough time to dwell over what the food is doing to my body.

There’s always a silver lining, right?


Do you prefer to sit down and have a meal or eat & go?  Most of the time, sit down and enjoy it!  It’s a good way to unwind and relax.
Any fun weekend plans? A country concert (blech), country dancing (blech), baking ! , midnight yell, football game, sleep, yoga, dad’s birthday, roommate bonding time!  SO excited!



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13 responses to “Not enough time to eat? What?!

  1. Aww man I feel your pain–I’m a sit down and enjoy the meal kinda girl too, but with back to back classes or long homework hours, I find myself having to chug food fast haha I’ve been getting the same way about food though, I guess since our minds are already so swamped, there’s no room for petty junk from our past ED’s woo!
    This weekend I’m chillin with the family and goin to the movies! Hope you have a rest weekend, sounds like tons of fun! 😀

  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I definitely prefer to sit down and eat but, like Alexandra already said, classes make it very difficult to do so. It’s time to get creative!

  3. I’m like you I prefer to sit down and enjoy a meal, I also like to read a book or foodie mag whilst eating!
    But I suppose life goes on and we just have to go with the flow 🙂

  4. I don’t mind doing something else while I’m eating, but I don’t like to have to rush to eat it. As long as I can savour every mouthful then I’m good! I can still enjoy it if I’m eating it while studying, or reading 🙂 I love the feeling when food is not preoccupying my mind, and I can spend my brain power on other important things 🙂

  5. Country dancing sounds like fun!!! I prefer to eat a bunch of small meals but because of school I can’t really do that anymore. I like chatting it up with my friends/family or reading while I eat. 🙂 I find myself thinking about food when I’m really hungry for some! I love the kardashians!!! It’s my favorite trash tv.

  6. runningonapples

    I really like to sit down and enjoy my meals! Unfortunately, that’s not really a possibility right now in college. Celebrating my friends 21st this weekend!

  7. blissfulbritt

    You may not be having a sit down meal but your food choices are great! I am not partial to one way if eating over the other, but I tend to eat on the run a lot. Hoooraay for having food not take over your mind as much! What a great feeling.

  8. Yay for not having food on your mind 24/7! That’s how I’ve been feeling lately too and it’s great. It’s also showing me when I’m really hungry and when I’m not. I love being able to sit down at meals. Lately I’ve been rocking my lunch out in my car while driving… at least I’m sitting down haha!

  9. True that! I love having sit-down meals! Usually if I’m eating by myself though, I’m doing something else – reading, watching TV, or on the computer (eating a snack bar and drinking some iced coffee as I type this…lol). I definitely don’t like being rushed!

    All of your eats look DELICIOUS 🙂 and that’s really good to not be constantly worrying about food! Its definitely a huge step – I have setbacks in that department myself sometimes.

  10. I really really liked this post… as it’s something that has been on my mind recently. Since I have put food on a pedestal for such a long time now, I always try to make each meal “count” and this means sitting down and eating it slowly. But you can’t always do this of course! Thank you for the reminder 🙂

  11. I can relate so much!!! I really prefer not being rushed and sitting down to eat meals. Or being able to freely grab anything I want to eat and eat when I want. But, like you said, I’m not constantly thinking about food…which is nice. It gets tiring thinking about calories!

  12. I think a lot of us college kids are in the same boat. I have been chowing down on food and within 5 minutes i’m done and onto the next thing. I totally miss sitting down and enjoying my meals…i must make some spare time for it again!

  13. I know what you mean. With classes and other activities at weird times, I’ve been eating a lot of meals on the go too. I’m definitely more of a sit down and eat girl. As much as I would like to make every meal delicious and satisfying, sometimes that just doesn’t happen! Gotta go with the flow, I suppose.

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