The great debate

Which comes first: the chicken or the egg? cardio or weights?  Now that’s the real debate.

My favorite type of workout is to do supersets, with short bursts of cardio in between:

Back & hammys circuit
Do each straight/superset followed by a short interval session on the elliptical.













Deadlifts (3 x 10)
Pullups ss barbell row (3×6-8)
Leg press [high & wide-this will make you feel the burn in your targeted hamstrings]
Wide-grip pulldown ss pelvic raises ss hamstring curl machine
Seated row ss calf raises (holding dumbbells)


A few days ago, a trainer told me if you do cardio at any point in your workout except for at the end, it’s all shot to hell.  Oops? So have my past few months of weight training been in vain?

He’s somewhat right though-doing cardio after a workout is pretty swell too.  It makes me feel more empowered knowing I can run a few miles after tearing up all my muscles.  😉

Alternating chest & shoulders workout
Do each exercise using both arms at the same time for 8 reps, then do each exercise alternating arms for 8 reps each arm.

Dumbbell chest press
Dumbbell fly
Stability ball pushups (put your feet on stab ball) ss incline pushup

Shoulder press
Upright rows
Front dumbbell raise

Cardio: Picking Up The Pace HIIT [this is designed for the treadmill, but would work on any cardio equipment]

Time Speed
0-1 6
1-2 6.5
2-3 7
3-4 7.5
4-5 8


But which way is the best?  I’m still in the process of trying to figure out what works best for my body.  I think the most important thing is to switch things up.  Don’t let yourself reach a plateau and get stuck on top of it.  Keep yourself interested; keep yourself excited about your workouts.  So one day I’ll throw in cardio in between sets, the next day I’ll save it all for the end, the next day I won’t do it at all.

I’ve decided to follow Jamie Eason’s Livefit Trainer Plan *starting today* that’s designed for 12 weeks in order to get some structure in my workouts.  I never planned on taking pictures of my muscles, but progress pictures are on their way!

What’s your preferred way to split up a workout? I know this is talked about all over the blog world, but what do you personally like to do?
If you had to choose one, weights or cardio? Weights fo sho, but I do love a little run here and there!

Enjoy your MONDAY! 😀




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18 responses to “The great debate

  1. I love LOVE weight training, but ultimately I think it’s really about personal preference. And what that dude told you about cardio and weight training sounds kinda like BS to me, I know a lot of people that have gained muscle from doing cardio in between sets like you. If anything, I think it’d be a better workout! You just keep on doing what you love girl, and enjoy the Jamie Eason plan!! 🙂

  2. I started to love strength training more and more in the past few months. But like Alex said, it really is all about personal preference. I am now in a schedule where I do just cardio for a day- usually in the form of running, and then ST another day with cardio bursts thrown in there

  3. Amy Lauren

    I’m a runner, but I do strength training like twice a week, it really gets me when women won’t do it at all because they think it’ll make them bulky, so not true. Your HIIT plan sounds like a workout I do sometimes on the treadmill, actually, where you increase the speed as you tire to build endurance.

    I don’t believe what that trainer said… when I do CrossFit, we do cardio between weights like you do. I think the trick to keep building muscle and getting fit is not working one set of muscles too much, not doing one exercise too much, like muscle confusion. The people who do CrossFit, including the trainer who leads ours, is super fit so I think it’s okay to do cardio in there. Actually, gets on my nerves that he said a workout was “shot to hell”, I mean isn’t ANY workout- weights, cardio, or just a walk around the neighborhood, better than nothing?

  4. Weight training for sure! Though I love swimming and yoga too. I’m surprised what the trainer told you. I always thought that switching between cardio and weights made for a good workout. Doesn’t make much sense why you couldn’t build muscle doing that. That being said, I usually do a shortish cardio workout before I lift weights, more as a warm-up than anything else.

  5. the great debate is right! i seriously love BOTH of them.. for diff reasons!

  6. jenandberries

    Fab post! I think you hit the nal on the head when you said about figuring out what’s right for your bod because we are all different. That’s such a hard question, I love them both don’t make me choose!!! Ok maybe weight training but if only zumba counts as cardio then that wins. Hope Jamie Eason’s plan works out well for ya! xx

  7. In love working with weights. My current plan is cardio in the morning and weights a night with cardio at the end of it.

  8. I hate cardio, but I know I need it so I do it! lol I actually am ok with things like HIIT or incline work, but I much prefer to feel the BURN that comes with lifting heavy weights! Theres no better feeling to me 🙂

  9. Errign

    If I had to choose – cardio. I like the DOMS aspect of weight training, but I don’t really love it WHILE I’m doing it.

  10. If I had to choose between weights and cardio I think I’d choose weights too. But I like cardio, too 🙂

  11. I love doing cardio in between weights! It’s one of my favorite all time workouts. I’m not sure what my fitness goals are as of yet.. I want to lift weights more and build more muscle but I love my cardio and I feel like it’s kind of hard right now to choose between both. I focus mainly on cardio because it makes me feel good and its quick.. I can’t do weights in the mornings when i first wake up which is part of the problem 😦

  12. I prefer cardio over weights. But I need to incorporate more weight workouts into my weekly schedule! I love the Pick Up the Pace HIIT you put up 🙂
    Keep up with the great workouts!

  13. The monday dog picture legit made me laugh! I like cardio better, but I still lift weights because I know it’s good for my muscles/bones and speed training. I completely agree though that you should always be excited about your workouts 🙂

  14. I reallllly need to get on the weight training train. I have never done this, but I know I would loveee it. I am a cardio junkie so I gotsssta switch it up!

  15. hmm yeah I think its personal preference. Or, the way I look at it, whichever exercise you want to focus on/gain the most benefit from – that’s the one you do first! Personally I care more about my running, so I will always do strength and corework after my run (and then I also don’t need to warm up all over again lol!), but I know it benefits your strength training much more to do THAT first!

    I think your strategy of mixing it up is fantastic for all-around fitness. you are gonna be like superwoman! And I can’t wait to hear about the progress with your new training plan! I’m always curious about how these things work!

  16. I love both cardio and weights, if I had to choose, I would pick cardio though 🙂 Thanks for the comment on my blog, yours is greaat girly! Btw I love that verse (Psalm 63:5) Actually Psalm 63 is pretty bomb…. fave part would probs be verse 7 and 8 – Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings. I cling to you; your right hand upholds me 🙂

  17. I like to do cardio first! Usually it is more “important” to me because i’m training for a race or something. If i’m not then I don’t care when I do it 🙂

  18. runningonapples

    Definitely cardio- I rely on yoga for my strength training !

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