Sunsets & Mr. Snowman

“From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised.” – Psalm 113:3

If anything can turn a bad day around, it’s getting to sit outside in 75 degree weather and look at that while studying.  Thank you Starbucks, for providing a patio for me.

Over the past year, good days were a serious treat.  Having a bad day was the norm.  It’s funny how disordered eating doesn’t just affect your body, or your thoughts revolving around food.  Atleast for me, it hit me in every area of my life.  My attitude was negative just about 105% of the time in every single aspect.

It is possible for things to take a turn for the better; it is possible to go from completely hopeless to having nothing but hope.  That’s what I hold onto when the bad days come, because now they are the rare occurrences.  Now that I’m attuned to the world once again and can see the good things in life, God is constantly showing me things when I need them.  After having a not so great day, all he had to do was paint the sky.  Whether it’s that, or a smile, or a good conversation, things go back to good…always.

And you know the best way to start off a good day is to stare down a snowman filled with coffee.

Forget fall..I want winter NOW. Chocolate peppermint > pumpkin.

And even though my pancakes were an utter disaster this morning, a good day is still possible.  [even though breakfast does make or break a day 😉 ]

Thanks KIRSTYN for my favorite HP plate !

I now understand the importance of eggs while baking.  I used my new brown rice protein powder that I received from Swanson Health Products, and loved the flavor of these!  I’d like to use it in a successful recipe before posting a review, so  that will be sooner rather than later.  Working on my procrastination addicting starting now.


What is the weather like where you are?!  I’m lovingggg now sweating buckets walking to class-the weather has been no less than perfect!



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15 responses to “Sunsets & Mr. Snowman

  1. I can definitely relate to getting used to bad days being the norm 😦 I never want to go back to the times where I was only living to get through each bad day, which just makes me that much more determined to hold on to my health… because you’re right… there are so many good things that we’re presented with each day, but we aren’t able to notice them if we’re stuck focusing on something like food or how hungry we constantly are. I’m glad that you’re feeling a lot happier now, hun 😀

    The weather here is actually pretty nice for a change. Usually it gets a bit chilly around here at this time of the year, but this year it’s really sunny and warm!

  2. That is so awesome that your outlook has improved so much. You are headed in the right direction girl!!

    The weather this week has been uhhhmazing. I love my walks to class right now!

  3. Oh girl I really loved reading this post! I am so so glad you are happier now and having a much more positive outlook! Everyday used to be bad for me too, yet I couldnt understand why I was so miserable!
    It has been raining nonstop here! By it’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow 🙂

  4. jenandberries

    Great Psalm! Being able to appreciate the little moments is what it’s all about I reckon, soooo happy for you :D.
    The weather in Wales is being confused, really windy and crap, I’m glad I havn’t started back at college yet!!

  5. Loving that your outlook has improved 🙂 I’m noticing my bad days getting fewer and farther in between and it’s a great feeling.
    The weather here has been superb. I wake up and love every minute of it. Although I am missing the humidity and a reason to go hop in the pool for a swim. The gym pool is outside and it is warm but it’s the process of moving from land to water, then water to land that’s the worst right now 😉

  6. Yayayaya for things turning around! Funny how that works huh?? I am whoa jealous of that study view, although I would have a hard time focusing if that was my textbooks competition. It has been chillllly in Washington allllll year, so I am not ready for winter, but could handle fall!

  7. Isn’t Texas’ weather insanely amazing right now?!? I don’t know what to make of such glory, it feels like an actual fall season haha And I’m so happy your outlook has improved so much, keep up the great work bud 🙂
    I may have to come over and steal your snowman mug though, he’s so dang adorable!! 😀

  8. Its true – a sunrise or sunset really does give my heart a little lift sometimes! Just being outside can do that actually. I know where you’re coming from with the bad days – They used to be pretty much all I had too! And I definitely remember sometimes, just taking a walk around my college campus and looking at how pretty it was would be a pick-me-up.

    and even if your pancakes were a bit failurous, your breakfast still looks a-ma-zing! 🙂 (as does the rest of your food!)

  9. runningonapples

    Perfect weather here!! Don’t worry about the bad days- we all have ’em =)

  10. I’m so happy that your outlook has improved! &even though I hate winter…I’m lovin the snowman mug! 🙂
    The weather here SUCKS. We had a heat wave last weekend (90 degrees) then on Monday is 69, raindy, windy and cold! I went from wearing dresses, shorts and tank tops to jeans and sweaters!

  11. I like your mug, how very appropriate since Christmas is not too far off!
    Your positive outlook is great 🙂
    The weather is warming here in Sydney…now that it’s Spring!

  12. Good weather makes my day instantly happy! The weather here in Pittsburgh is mid 70’s

  13. My pancakes (unless I do them in the oven) are always a disaster too! I love your pumpkin mug! I’m looking forward to Christmas time, but I’m not looking forward to the cold!

  14. “God is constantly showing me things when I need them. After having a not so great day, all he had to do was paint the sky. ” – that is SO beautiful and so true! AMEN girl!!!! Gosh, PRAISE HIM!!!!! and the weather here is AWESOME , i love it!

  15. Rachel

    boston has already gotten cold unfortunately 😦 this week rained most of the time, but yesterday was in the 70s at least. hoping it stays for the weekend! i wish summer would hang around

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