Happy weekend!  How was your Friday night? I had a girls night and went to see One Day and bawled my eyes out.  Which can mean one thing and one thing only-froyo.  [If you want to cry and need an excuse to indulge in some ice cream, One Day is your movie.]

This morning started off swell with a cereal bowl, something I’ve gone way too long without.

Multigrain Cheerios, Kashi Crunch, wheat bran, frozen blueberries, and Arrowhead Mills Puffed Rice Cereal thanks to the wonderful people at Swanson Health Products.  Kashi is my homegirl, but sometimes I need something a bit less dense.  The puffed rice cereal added a light and fluffy texture and I was left satisfied for quite a few hours without feeling like a bloated cow.  The taste wasn’t extravagant, but I’m a huge stickler about texture, and these were phenom.

With breakfast under my belt, I was ready to tackle a good day…until my eyes feasted upon some ticks roaming around on the couch.  Swollen, blood-thirsty dementor ticks.  Be thankful no pictures were taken.

1.  I am not a bug person.
2.  I slept on this couch 2 nights ago.
3.  I am not a bug person.

We have 2 labs that I guess tracked them in, so now we’re all on edge and having the fake itches.  If you’ve ever had a tick problem, how do you get rid of them?  I don’t want them sucking out my soul tonight while I sleep.

Speaking of sucking souls, school is slowly sucking my energy already.  Two weeks in and I’m pooped.  Thank God (again) for Starbucks and caffeine.

This is what my day will consist of yet again.  But what would a weekend be in this hicktown without a little country music?  I’m giving the twang one last shot at a country music festival today, and after that we’re officially breaking up.  Not that we were ever together.

And it will also consist of this: good food.

brown rice, sauteed veggies in asian sauce, topped with corn, avocado, tilapia

Cookie dough Ice cream smoothie with Brown Rice Protein powder.  Best. Addition. Ever.  It doesn’t have a funky aftertaste or clump up like whey sometimes does.  I also made my pancakes with this protein powder (sans egg) and I couldn’t get enough of the flavor.  New favorite protein fo sho.

Kettle corn topped with melted dark chocolate and Swanson Organic Coconut Oil.  So long EVOO, I’m loving the sweetness the coconut oil adds to just about everything!

Including roasted green bean fries.  Another new addiction.

Enjoy your Saturday and say a prayer of THANKS for your family and friends, and for the families who lost a loved one on 9/11.  So thankful for the people who choose to devote their life to protecting us and our country!


HOW DO YOU KILL A TICK!?! These little monsters are immortal.
What does your weekend consist of? 



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15 responses to “Dementors

  1. Amy Lauren

    I have no clue how to kill a tick, but I hope you find out, that’s no fun that they’re in your house!

    Good luck with studying and staying caffeinated! Your food also looks super good and is giving me ideas now :).

  2. Ewwww I’d be wigging out if I saw those ticks!!! Knowing my fear of blood sucking bugs, I would prolly throw the couch out the window haha When my dog had ticks and I’d see them on the floor, I’d straight up smash them with a hammer haha So cavewoman like I know 😉
    Enjoy your weekend and good luck conquering the ticks!!!

  3. Amy Lauren

    I have no clue how to kill a tick, but I hope you find out, that’s no fun that they’re in your house!

    Good luck with studying and staying caffeinated! Your food also looks super good and is giving me ideas now :).

    Sorry if this posts multiple times, wordpress is being crazy today

  4. Ticks?! Eep! I’d be freaking out for sure! I’m not a bug person either, especially when it comes to something bloodthirsty like ticks. I guess that’s one of the good things about living in a cold climate… we don’t have to deal with a lot of the creepy crawlies that warmer climates have to put up with. But then again, we have 6 months of winter, so I don’t know what’s worse lol.

  5. Yeeesheee ticks are gross…and creepy! I just hate bugs in general 😦 I don’t know much about killing them though, sorry deary!
    I read One Day so I can understand why you cried… but a great story!

  6. ew ew ew I cannot stand ticks. They freak me out. It’s one of the main reasons I don’t like being out in the woods without long pants on and boots. I’m not a bug person at all.
    I read the book one day and loved it. GUH I haven’t seen the movie but I’m not a movie goer I’ll wait until it’s out on ondemand 🙂
    My weekend consisted of froyo, books, ice cream, books. apparently i drown my stresses in ice cream and froyo haha

  7. ok when I read the title of this blog post I was like Dementors = Harry Potter! lol I’m such a dork!
    I really want to see One Day 🙂 All your food looks super delish. This weekend consisted of early morning runs, school fete’s, family gatherings!

  8. Ew I can’t stand bugs either. Recently my little cousin came home covered in ticks, and my aunt had to pick them off one by one. Gross!

  9. Allie

    Burn ticks!!!! I hate them ewww!

    School is draining all of my energy as well .. I did nothing yesterday except study ad homework haha.

  10. ew thats so gross! I’ve never had a tick problem and hope I don’t have to deal with them!
    I haven’t read One Day or have seen the movie either! I want to though 😀
    ha! School has sucked out my soul too! I can’t believe it’s only been TWO weeks! I feel like everyday is a week long! 😛

    Have a great Sunday 😀

  11. jenandberries

    Yukafi! Ticks are a total nightmare, my heart goes out to you! When I was hiking a year back a bunch buried into my friends stomach and I had to squeeze them out for her – not pretty. We were told that burning them works but you can buy spray t go on pets who get ticks which will hopefully work on your sofa too! Aw I so want to see One Day, Anne Hathaway rocks, yet my weekend has consisted mainly of buying college stuff and watching tv haha

  12. ew ew ew ticks freak me out so much!!! I hope you didn’t find one on you!! um I don’t know how to kill them either, I’ve heard puttting alcohol on them works?

    and OOH are you studying genetics?? I saw that RNA Polymerase in there…hehehe. I’m a biology nerd, sorry. Hope it’s not treating you too badly! and I agree, TGFSBUX. I need my coffee fix every day lol!

    I’m glad to hear your review of brown rice protein, too! I’ve really been wanting to put protein powder in my oats so that I don’t always have to use things like greek yogurt when I want a protein fix – but whey and soy protein sit horribly with me. Definitely gonna try the brown rice!

  13. I’m not a bug person either, and unfortunately I have no idea how to kill a tick! I love your heart bowl every time you post a picture of it! 🙂

  14. runningonapples

    ughhh gross! Sorry- I’m no help with the tick issue…Love the eats, I have to see that movie

  15. Errign

    Ticks skeeve me out if I see them – I always thinking they’re crawling on me. As far as getting rid of them – kill them (you have to crush them), and make sure your dogs have Advantix or Frontline or something so they are less likely to get them.

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