Cookie dough for breakfast <3

I can’t believe it’s another Monday!  Ready for a new week?  This is my last *free* week before the first round of tests so I’m taking advantage of extra relaxation time and plan on going to the mall, watching some trash TV and hopefully whipping out some new recipes.

Weekend confession: I’m starting to like country music thanks to Ziegfest 2011.  Even a month ago, I never imagined those words coming out of my mouth.  Apparently there is hope in the world.


Let’s start this week off on the right foot shall we?  With a cookie dough smoothie?  This filling breakfast has been rocking my mornings and I may or may not break 54 traffic laws on my way home from the gym just to dig into it.  While I don’t advise breaking any laws, please indulge yourself.

Cookie Dough Smoothie
(based off of Kath’s Dough Boy Smoothie)

The night before, combine:

  • 1/3 cup oats (quick & rolled both work)
  • 1/2 tsp chia seeds
  • lots of cinnamon
  • Optional: add a scoop of protein powder – I’ve used whey and rice and both make it taste like ice cream.  If you do add extra dry ingredients, make sure to bump up the amount of liquid you use.
  • Cut up a banana and freeze overnight.

When you wake up fungry, blend up the overnight oats with a frozen banana and a spoonful of nut butter. [Add a tad of liquid to get things moving if needed; the less liquid you use, the more doughey it will be.]

Mondays are my busiest day, which means my love for Monday has decreased significantly.  I guess I should practice what I preach and make the most of it.  Smile, encourage others, and call someone just to tell them you loveee them!


Best part of your weekend?  Spending all day Sunday watching romcoms [hello Princess Diaries x2 and 27 Dresses] & Ziegfest.

If you had to choose, cookie dough or cookies?  Cookie dough baby.



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14 responses to “Cookie dough for breakfast <3

  1. Aww, glad you are enjoying country music! Hehe 🙂

    The smoothie sounds great! My Monday’s are very tough (school wise) as well… so here’s to Monday–enjoy!!

  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Oh, cookie dough over real cookies ANY day of the week baby! I seriously used to buy the tubs of cookie dough and just down it over the course of a week. Okay, okay, over the course of a day– but still.

  3. Yay for country music! 😉 And thank you so much for posting this. Since my blender blew up over the weekend and I have to I get a new one, this shall be the first thing I try! You think quinoa or buckwheat would work since I can’t have oats? Mmm it just looks so stankin good! 😀

  4. YESSS for country music!!
    And I would say cookie dough too… like for sure 🙂 I prefer raw mix anyday! Brownie batter? Yes please

  5. There’s nothing better than dessert for breakfast, and that smoothie looks delicious – you can never go wrong with cookie dough. That being said, I think I would actually have to choose cookies, especially when they’re straight from the oven and all warm and ooey-gooey.

  6. Cookie dough for breakfast? PERFECT 🙂 about cookies AND cookie dough 😉

  7. ahhh that smoothie looks delicious, thick and yummy! Something I would love to have in the morning pre workout 🙂

  8. awesome breakfast! I miss my blender at home so much. I have a little Magic Bullet here at the dorms, but I like my shakes/smoothies BIG. I drink the MB shakes in less than 2 seconds haha.

  9. Fungry is probably the best work I have ever read, and can’t believe I never thought of that. Hahaha. I LOVE cookie dough…I eat half the batter before my cookies are is awful because I always regret it 15min later.

  10. runningonapples

    Who would ever NOT choose cookie dough? Haha that smoothie looks awesomeeee. Want one now!

  11. Yummy Breakfast. What a great way to start off the day!
    I would choose cookie dough over cookies too 🙂

  12. Cookie dough > cookies! That’s why I like making vegan cookies–no eggs so I can eat the raw dough instead of baking haha.
    Love the cookie dough smoothie! You can’t go wrong with dessert for breakfast.

  13. jenandberries

    I like the advice at the end! That smoothie looks insaaaaane! I would love for someone to say ‘what are you drinking?’ and just reply casually with ‘oh just cookie dough’. Hmm..can I choose bits of cookie mixed into cookie dough?

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