I realized that bowls (and the bullet cup) and I are bffs, as in I can’t even remember the last time I ate off of a plate.

spinach, tuna, avocado, cottage cheese, spicy mustard, honey *don't knock it til ya try it!*

I realized that I eat too much broccoli after being nicknamed ‘the Broccoli Queen’.

broccoli, spinach, black beans overdosing on red pepper flakes, mama miaaa

I realized that I don’t like pumpkin.  Oh the horror.  I’ve tried in every way possible, but unless it’s baked into banana pumpkin bread or in the form of pumpkin butter, then get outta my pantry.

<– total winner status”] I realized that I really miss running.  Basically I miss doing cardio in general.  The next three days are ‘off’ days which means me and the elliptical, the parks, and my running shoes are all having a huge reunion.  Hopefully there is rain involved.

I realized that the rule “don’t eat any carbs three hours before you go to bed” should go to hell.  Bowls of cereal are what keep me going at night when my bed literally has my name written all over it.


I realized that these muffins are the bomb, I feel like a 90 year old eating a bran muffin, but Amanda is a genius for creating them.  I also realize every muffin I’ve ever posted on the bloggy has been in these dang red muffin liners.  Hobby Lobby needs to hook me up with some new colors sooner rather than later.

Cinnamon Bran Muffins
I followed the exact recipe, except used quick oats instead of rolled, extra cinnamon, and omitted the raisins. 

I realized that I’m off to my very first big girl job internship interview this morning.  Scratch that, I have two interviews.  All the nerves of this week have finally taken their toll and I’m ready to crash as soon as they’re over.  Have a safe and beautiful Friday night loves!


What’s your opinion on eating starches/carbs before bed?  And just eating before bed in general?  



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13 responses to “iRealized:

  1. GOOD LUCK at your interviews girl!! I bet you’ll rock them! Ah time off from cardio….never much fun, but you always come back to it with a new appreciation for it! 🙂

    Carbs before bed? Oh sorry I was under the impression that that was normal. Haha. I always eat a pretty big snack right before going to bed – I defend myself by saying its because I run first thing in the morning so this is my pre-run fuel….but lets be honest I would eat toast with peanut butter and fruit + ice cream every single night even if I never worked out hahaha.

  2. Fingers crossed you get the internships!
    I still eat before bed it will vary from day to day. Sometimes just fruit, yogurt, milk and cookies or cake/muffin. I think you should just eat when your hungry, we all have such different dietary needs.

  3. Plates are so overrated, holla for bowls 😉 And girl cereal before bed is the bomb, it never fails to hit the spot!
    Good luck with all of your interviews today and have a great weekend my friend!

  4. Good luck with your interviews today!!! I know you will rock them 🙂
    I eat out of bowls all of the time too! Everything I like to have doesn’t really work on a plate… oatmeal, soup? Nope don’t think so haha

  5. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Good luck at your interviews! I always get insanely nervous before anything like that, but I’m sure you’ll be fine.
    Whatever you do– just DONT tell them that you don’t like pumpkin! That might be a deal-breaker 😉

  6. Cereal keeps you awake ?! hmm most interesting ….(^.^) Thanks for that one.

  7. I eat carbs right before bed all the time.. popcorn, cereal, bread, muffins, fruit, etc! It doesn’t really make a difference to me 😉

    Oh my gosh! I don’t use plates much either.. I just like bowls better–twins 🙂

  8. jenandberries

    I always eat like 20 minutes before bed and it nearly always i carby things although recently I’ve just been craving protein like a mad lady. Good luck in your interviews, I’ve a feeling you are going to do just fine! Love the look of that avocado tuna bowl – yums!

  9. ha ha ha…. Team BOWLS! I am with ya on that one. I get panic-y visiting the parents if I can’t find one big enough to house my wonder meals, thus I resort to casserole dishes 🙂 And the stupid “carbs before bed, you’re in for dread” …yeeeah~no. The bed is like one big melatonin monster and carbz are like a melatonin-monster-sword! 😉 and it can help you have a super efficient morning rather than a sluggish one.. w a i t i n g for that b-fast to digest and give you energy… boo. Good luck at your interview!

  10. If I am whoa hungry before bed..I eat!! Otherwise I will wake up STARVIN MARVIN! There is nothing wrong with being a broccoli queen! I am one’s the best veggie everrr!

  11. I used to follow the “dont eat carbs before going to bed” rule during my ED days. Now, I eat carbs before bed and am not afraid of it! It actually helps me sleep 🙂

    I think its ok to eat before bed if your hungry, otherwise youd wake up super early because your so hungry and thats no fun!

  12. Good luck on the interviews!!!
    Uhmmm carbs before bed is the best thing ever (especially cereal), when I eat carbs before bed I surprisingly don’t wake up hungry! Wow shocker right?! I have to eat before bed now otherwise I wake up starved/snack monster

  13. Good luck at your interviews!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you 😀
    I also now think that the rule of no carbs after 7 can go to hell. I ate a big bowl of cereal that I had been craving because I was hungry and tired from doing hw all day. Thats my reward 🙂
    I love this post by the way- it’s really cute!

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