Belated WIAW

Oh man I have completely deserted my beloved blog!  This week was (and still is) crazy stressful, so until the tests are over tomorrow, I’ll have to keep it short and simple.  I’ve just been studying (aka sitting on facebook and chatting with friends at Starbucks) and eating (to procrastinate even more) and going out (no explanation needed).  Three tests have bogged me down this week and I’m also in the process of applying for STUDY ABROAD and my application for the university is due in a WEEK. I didn’t even realize it was Thursday [which could be a good thing I suppose] but WIAW flew right past me.  So lessss gooo

[warning: please excuse all of the horrible cell phone pics. desperate times call for desperate measures.]

pumpkin butter & almond butter sandwich

more spinach/sweet potato/pumpkin/greek yogurt pancakes. SO filling and deliciouss..AND nutritious

starbucks double shot with soy, TRY it.

so many bowls of randomness with tons of veggies, a protein source and COTTAGE cheese

chicken, green beans, water chestnuts, peppers, onions, spinach sauteed in soy sauce and hoisin sauce. legit asian food at home? yes please

wrap with almond & pumpkin butter & honey; strawberries; roasted veggies

tuna, cottage cheese, egg, spinach, avocado bowl

yogurt mess


i cannot tell you how much cereal I've been eating. so quick and always a craving

Lessons I’ve learned:

  • always bring extra food to campus ; better to bring home extra than not have enough!
  • you guys were right-eating carbs before bed has been the best decision I’ve made since school started.  After having sleeping problems for months, I’m now sleeping like a baby because my stomach isn’t growling every 4 seconds
  • college can be fun if food and exercise isn’t the main focus <– finally understand this!

Okay I’m back to studying.  Until tomorrow friends when I can whip out a real post!


What’s your favorite food to pack for a day when you’re out and about?  my favorite foods are alllll refrigerated, so I usually bring just a sandwich, fruit, and some veggies.  I’m severely lacking in protein during the day!



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9 responses to “Belated WIAW

  1. Yay for WIAW! Better late than never as I always say haha Give my your green pancakes NOW! They look delicious!! And pumpkin butter almond butter sammie? Yes freakin please. 😀
    My favorite on the go snacks are peanut butter sandwiches, apples, homemade protein goodies, dry cereal and nut mixes, and carrot sticks!

  2. Yay I am glad you returned for this special occasion hehe 🙂
    I am loving your green pancakes, great way to get in nutrition obviiiiii!
    My favorite foods are cereal (dry), almonds, apples/bananas/oranges, and easy to eat raw veggies

  3. I always bring apples to work and I eat an apple (at least one!) every single afternoon. Seriously it’s like the best part of my afternoon, I think. Luna bars are really good too.

    Those green pancakes look so awesome. Like leprechaun pancakes, haha.

  4. Healthy Teen on a Mission

    all your eats look good! and cereal is definitely the best food evaaa so i don’t blame you for eating lots of it 🙂

  5. Glad you enjoying college! Food & exercise are just a small proportion and definitely shouldn’t occupy all your thoughts.
    I love carrying veggie sticks, apples, dried fruit or nuts, baked goods 🙂

  6. I’m glad you are making realizations and loving life right now!!
    And oh my gosh I totally eat to procrastinate studying too!

  7. Thats awesome that youl might study abroad! Where would you like to go? I have been eating a lot of cereal too..its an easy, quick and yummy meal! 😀 have a great weekend and God bless! 🙂

  8. Yum all of your eats look fantastic! My favorite snacks to take on the go are bars, apples, nuts, and cottage cheese (I like it plain)!

    P.S – I think I spy a bible in your cereal picture! Your for bible reading 🙂

  9. yayy we missed you! yeah, those green pancake things…i’m def gonna have to make those. asap. all the food you packed looks so good! I’m a sandwich person too – usually turkey + veggies (I like putting grilled eggplant/zucchini/asparagus on them!) – but I keep the tomatoes separate and put them on at the last minute lol. And salads, salads are soo easy! and +10000 on the cereal, simplest food in the whole world but SO FREAKIN GOOD!

    glad you’re having fun with college this year 🙂 it took me a long long time (um like till senior year haha) to learn that! where are you gonna be studying abroad??

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