Tat tat tatted up

Vassssupppp! Can you believe it’s already Thursday?!  The weekend is right around the corner-any fun weekend plans?  I’m heading to the Dallas Cowboys stadium to watch A&M btho Arkansas!  Although I am slightly not looking forward to this trip, I’ll save that for another post! Because I have big news…

Spontaneity was sapped from my life when I became consumed with food and exercise.  So one of the things I’ve been working on to reach full recovery is being spontaneous and doing things out of the routine.

I may or may not have gotten a tattoo.  [BTW, people who say it doesn’t hurt are LYING.  It hurts. Alot.]  It started off as a joke as I toyed with the idea of getting a tattoo to commemorate the end of Harry Potter.  You probably think I’m obsessed by now, which I am, but I would never get a tattoo just for a guy 😉  Here’s the background story in a nutshell:

Depression and anxiety ravaged me, seriously, for a year now.  I’ve heard they both go hand in hand with an eating disorder, but regardless of where it came from, it was miserable.  It’s not something I’ve mentioned alot on the blog because in all honesty, I was still in the middle of it all summer, and it still is hard to delve into.  l had anticipated coming back to school and the depression getting much worse, but over the course of the past 5 weeks, I’ve been almost completely healed.  Once again, no doctor, no medicine could fix me.  The only explanation I have is GOD.  How someone goes from full-on depression to feeling joy and living life again free of those chains is beyond me.

“He replied, ‘I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.  I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.'” – Luke 10:18&19

I happened to come across this verse a few days ago and it resonated hardcore with me.  Only Jesus is powerful enough to overcome the lies, depression and the hell in my mind for good. That night, we saw our first thunderstorm (with lightning) here in months.  Watching the lightning made me realize the perfection of God’s timing.  I could go on and on, but I’ll leave you with that.  

So yes, it is a Harry Potter reference because Harry Potter brings up the best memories of my childhood before life started to spiral downwards.  It’s also my initials (or Haley Potter, my fav).  It’s a reminder that I can overcome my own dementors because of the power of the cross.  It’s a shoutout to God for being bigger, stronger, powerful…

Speaking of bigger, stronger, powerful, this meal was a WIN in my book.  I missed out on WIAW again, which is good for you.  Because alllll of my meals look the same-cookie dough smoothie for breakfast, egg scramble with tortilla/toast for lunch, yogurt/granola/berries for snack (or smoothie), another mess like pictured above for dinner, cereal for bedtime snack.

Please make this.  I’ve been on Asian kick x20 lately and adding soy & hoisin sauce with some asian veggies, but I decided to love Mexico for a night.  I combined brown rice, chicken, corn, black beans, some other various veggies, and then organic pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, basil, salsa, a touch of hot sauce, and melted a piece of swiss cheese in it.  Topped with extra salsa, of course.  SOOOOO flipping good.  It’s 6 am and my mouth is watering for it.

Make the most of your Thursday!  Do something small for someone, like holding open the door or letting a car cut in front of you during traffic.  It’s crazy how good it will make you feel.

Do you have a tattoo?  If not, do you want one?
Favorite ethnic food?



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19 responses to “Tat tat tatted up

  1. I love Thai food!

    It’s soooo cool that you got a tattoo. I don’t think I could ever get one but it was spontaneous and it’s awesome bc that’s something that ED usually takes away. Plus it has meaning to you and that’s what matters :).

  2. l
    OVE THE TAT!!!! i want to get oneee!

  3. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Beautiful verse– I’m actually in the midst of reading Luke now.

    And props for the tat! I do not think I could ever do it myself (especially in honor of Harry Potter being that I still haven’t read the books… :X)

  4. Awesome man!! Harry rules, that tat is the best fo sho 🙂 I’m too scared to get one because of the pain, but I think a small one would be cool!
    Have fun at the game up here in the big D!

  5. I love your tattoo, and there is a great story/reason behind it which makes it even better. Getting a tattoo is actually on my bucket list, so one day I do hope to have one 🙂

  6. I have a tattoo of a cross on my left shoulder blade (I can’t understand either when ppl say it doesn’t hurt)
    Love your tattoo! Fave ethnic food is Japanese 🙂

  7. Rachel

    i have a tattoo on my neck that i got for my recovery as well. it has like multiple meanings behind it, but what it is is the latin phrase “alis grave nil” which means “nothing is heavy for those with wings”, and then a pair of wings. the phrase reminds me that nothing is too heavy for me- i can rise above all troubles, all worries, all doubts, and no matter how down and depressed i feel, i can survive. it also has to do with my weight and feeling insecure about my body, especially after having to gain something. nothing’s too heavy… not even me. another meaning behind it comes from Isaiah 40:31 (soar on wings like eagle, renew hope, strength, all that good stuff). it’s a reminder that through God, i can be renewed each day, that there is always hope, that He will provide for me and my recovery and for everything. one of my friends said it reminded her of the wings soldiers get when they return from battle, and how my wings stand for my triumph in my battle against ED. whenever i think about it or see pictures of it (it’s on the back of my neck) i smile and feel so much stronger. i’m SO glad i got it- even my mom likes it, and she’s always been anti-tattoos!

  8. OMG!!!!! I love the tatooo! spontaneous and yet it has so much meaning. That is BAMF!!!

  9. jenandberries

    Wooo! Harry Potter to the rescue hehe. O wow the tattoo rocks, I actually love it! Such a great way to be a lil spontaneous, thanks for the advice for the day, random acts of kindness and courtesy never fail to make you feel happy in yourself 🙂

  10. I am SO impressed and touched by this! You are 100% right. It is God. He is the ultimate healer. I went through the exact same thing, and the only thing that worked… the main engine in my body that kept me on the road to recovery, was GOD. I’ve been reading a book called “Who holds the key to your Heart?” (<—-God has lots of keys on his key chain lol) by Lysa Terkeurst… it has changed my life! God has changed my life. In the chapter: Doubt is Satan's Whisper; Faithfulness is God's Reply: "…..we leap & the Father catches. Two distinct acts. We must make the spiritual leap. The Father can't catch us and hold us until we leave the edge.." ..I always drench myself in scripture or christian reading as soon as I'm feeling a sneaky lurking ED shark about to surface; the Word of the Lord cooks some fish 🙂 I wish you all the best in your progressive journey! woo! OH… and the tat is fantastic… what a beautiful reminder! 🙂

  11. I love your tattoo! Amazing and inspirational story behind it. 🙂

    No, I don’t have a tattoo and I would probably never get one because I have a fear of needles. I almost passed out in Walmart today when I was checking out because they were giving free flu shots behind me haha! However, I really like that your decision was spontaneous and that it holds meaning to you. If I ever did get a tattoo, I would want to say the same for my decision as well. I agree with the above comments in that it’s a magnificent reminder and holds a lovely meaning!

  12. Thats an awesome tattoo!! I love it 😀 When I get a tattoo (I really want to but I’m super chicken because of how painful it is) I want to get one of a turtle. I promised myself though (or told myself firmy 😛 ) that when I go back to Hawaii I AM going to get a turtle tattoo…because what better place to get one?

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  13. sweet tat! I change my mind too much to get a tatoo, haha. It would not end well for me!

    Have a good night girl! ❤

  14. I love your tattoo!! On the little toe, what a great place 🙂
    I would never get one… I dunno why, I have no aversion to it, I just have no real desire to get one either!!

  15. I LOVE THE TATTOO!! that’s so awesome. I really want one on my foot but I’m a chicken to get it. Did you have to wear flipflops for a few days or anything after you got it done? Or can you just throw back on your sneakers.

  16. Oh my gosh, tattoo?!!! you’re so brave haha, I’ve always wanted to get one but am too scared that I’ll regret it/I’m kind of a pansy for pain haha.
    As always, your dinner looks awesome 🙂

  17. So I realize you haven’t blogged in a really long time, but I just found your blog via Chasing It and I really wanted to comment on this, so I’m going for it haha. I don’t think I’ll ever get a tattoo because I’m afraid I’d regret it when I’m old and wrinkly and because I fainted when I got my ears pierced, so I definitely don’t think I could handle being inked haha. However, lately I’ve really, really, really wanted to get a tattoo that says “God knows what I need,” which is a line from Jon Foreman’s song “Your Love is Strong.” It’s just such a good reminder, you know? Definitely something I could use to have permanently written on my body. I don’t know where I’d want it, though, which is another reason why I doubt I’ll get it.

    Also, I just wanted to say that I LOVE the name of your blog. Absolutely love it.

  18. Ahhh I love the tat!!! YAY! Good for you =D I love the meaning it holds for you too.

    Max has a half sleeve… It’s almost to his elbow. And I sat with him as he got it done. It took like a full 24 hours, broken up over several weeks, so needless to say I got a good idea of how painful tattoos are! I have one I want to get but I don’t know if I have the guts 😉

  19. snazzydimples

    that bowl of goodness looks like deliciousnes!!! I’m going to attempt to creat that myself!

    planetsnazzy.wordpress.com I want to see if my blog interest any of you 🙂

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