New workout!

I have not yet escaped the blog itch!  Over the course of the past year (can’t believe it was over a year ago that I started this tiny little blog) my workouts have changed…ALOT.  I love switching up my routine every week and try to incorporate a new move or progression into each workout.  Challenging the body is where it is at!

I did this LEG and BOOTY workout on Wednesday and I am stilllll feeling it.  Good stuff.


Superset Booty Workout



Narrow squat 15,12,8,6
BTB wide squat 4×20
Bulgarian split squat 4×12 (each side)
Kettlebell plié squat + upright row 4×15
Single leg deadlift w/kettlebell 3×15
Barbell glute bridge 3×10
Note: same color exercises is a superset.  Perform the first exercise of the set, and immediately after perform the second set with minimal rest.  After completing one round of both exercises, take a 1 minute break.

I followed this up with a quick tabata interval courtesy of Naomi.  So quick, yet so effective! (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest between each move!)

Kettlebell swings
4 mountain climbers, 4 jumping jacks
KB goblet squat
Jump squat
KB reverse lunge right
KB reverse lunge left
KB power clean


Narrow squat-love this for the abductors!  I used to be obsesesed. with the abductor machine, and let me tell you…it does not do what a narrow squat will do for you.  Abductor machines do not require any core engagement, and they have predetermined movement patterns so you don’t need any stabilization whatsoever.








BTB wide squats– watch the video! Basically, instead of a standing starting position, you start at the bottom of a squat. Pop up quick, and then squat back down and hold for a second.  Feel the burnnnnnn.

Kettlebell plie squat w/upright row –  slow and controlled is the way to go.








Barbell glute bridge – I recently added this to my routine and WHY have I never before? If you want to firm up that toosh, this is your move.










Have a great weekend!


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