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It’s been too long…

Man oh man do I make futile promises or what?  I have seriously missed the blog world over the past year.  Even though I’ve been caught up in the whirlwind of being a busy college student and working, I still read everyone’s blog like it’s my job.

I figured summer would be low-key enough to pick this thing back up but time is flyin’ on by and I haven’t posted once! In the meantime I’ve been staying busy…


being a mommy to this little baby…

cooking and eating lots of good food with friends…

trying to survive the heat down in good ol’ College Station…

and I am now officially certified as a personal trainer!!!! Praise God!

My passion for fitness and healthy-living has not wavered one bit.  I have so many fitness-related goals for the next year that I’m so excited about!

I hope to keep updating the blog and getting back on track, even if it means short and sweet posts.  This online community blessed me so much last year and it left a gaping hole in my heart!

Here’s to a new start (hopefully) 😀


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A Weekend Away

Good morning and happy Friday to everyone!  I know this is the last weekend before school starts for a lot of people, so I hope you’re prepared and excited for a new year to start!

Thankfully, I still have a week off, so what better way to end the summer than to take a weekend trip to Asheville, North Carolina?!  It’s been in the triple digits here in Houston for 20 days straight now…you better believe I’m more than ready to get in that 70 degree weather with mountains in the background.

I’m welcoming a weekend of shopping, eating, hiking, and quality time with my two fav aunts with arms wide open.  I’m taking a little break for the blogaroo to disconnect before a semester of sitting in front of a computer.  Have no fear, I shall be back!

Have a fabulous weekend! 😀


In & Out Elliptical HIIT
Keep the crossramp at level 10 for the entire workout.
45 sec @ resistance 5
15 sec @ resistance 12-15 (sprint as hard as you can)
For a total of 15 minutes.
In and out of the gym. Bliss.


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Home again, home again

My gosh how I’ve missed the blog world the past three days.  After a much needed break from home and the internet, I’m back and ready to get on track!  & I could not stay away from WordPress until the morning.

I’m so blessed to have such wonderful, fun, and don’t-take-life-for-granted grandparents.  SO fun.  I’m so blessed to have had five restful days off from work to enjoy the trip.  I’m so blessed because I finally got some real sleep (with no bathroom breaks, AMEN). 

Oh, and I’m so blessed with my body.  I didn’t get fat despite a ginormous lack of exercise.  I’ve got one faithful bod…remind me again why I don’t trust it more. 




❤ off brand food


What’s your favorite city to visit?!






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Guilty until proven innocent

Howdy from Cheecargo!

Texas is brown.  I dislike Texas alot.  It’s such a treat to sit out on a porch and remember that there is such a color as green and it is possible for plants to be alive.  And I’m not sweating my booty off at 8:00 in the morning.

While I enjoy a lovely breakfast with different dishes 🙂  Ohhh the little things in life.  I brought my handy dandy snackpack *just in case* so I had some Kashi cereal that was ready to be devoured with fresh (already-pitted) strawbs and half a banana.

My aunt is an incredible baker, and has been one of my main inspirations in opening a bakery in the future.  These muffins are always freshly made when we come, because I’m obsessed to say the least.  They’re cinnamon banana, with a crumb topping which cannot be beaten by even the darkest of chocolates.


Yesterday I said I was excited to get away from home and just relax with family without having to worry about work, school, blah blah blah.  Still, I brought along my snackpack (which is almost gone already) and some workout DVDs so I could still be active and would have no excuses to get out of it.

Welp, this morning I was just not feeling working out at all.  And you know where that left me?  In an extreme guilty state, fretting over what’s going to happen to my body by the end of the day if I don’t get in some sort of workout.  I contemplated skipping breakfast because I “couldn’t afford the calories” and I almost had a panic attack thinking about a second day off in a row.

Okay, I am on vacation people.  I’m not eating 8 Big Macs and 5 pounds of spaghetti in one sitting, so I probably won’t blow up like a whale overnight.  I came to relax and already I’m stressing out more than I was back at home.  Ach when does this end!

I said a quick prayer about it and surrendered my body and day to our freaking awesome God and was reminded that my body isn’t mine, and taking a few days off won’t hurt a thing.  It’ll actually probably help.  It will be challenging, but after surviving enjoying Italy without a real workout for 8 days, I know I can make it through four days.

Do you deal with exercise guilt? How do you overcome it?  Okay obviously there’s no hiding that I do, and usually instead of giving into the guilt, I challenge myself to take a few more days off than planned just to prove to my irrational mind that there is nothing wrong with resting!




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So long, farewell, aufwiedersehn, goodbye

This weekend could NOT have come any slower.  I’m not one to try to literally escape life’s problems, but sometimes a little VayKay is needed to do just that.  After a stressful week of little sleep, I’m finally heading off to the Windy City.

aka CHICAGO.  Goodbye humidity and awful Texas heat, hello beautiful skies and humid-less air. And hot dogs.

My brother and I are spending a few days relaxing with our aunt, and then separating ways so I can go to Wisconsin to see my long lost best friend:

aka my Gramsicles.  Is she the reason behind my half-grandma nature?  Possibly.  I feel like I owe her some credit as to why I go to bed & wake up early, and enjoy doing grandmotherly things.

Have a great weekend &
I’ll still be blogging thanks to the wonderful world of wifi!


Do you like to escape issues that come up or deal with them head on?  Honestly I try to deal with them head on, but this opportunity I just could not pass up!


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