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It’s been too long…

Man oh man do I make futile promises or what?  I have seriously missed the blog world over the past year.  Even though I’ve been caught up in the whirlwind of being a busy college student and working, I still read everyone’s blog like it’s my job.

I figured summer would be low-key enough to pick this thing back up but time is flyin’ on by and I haven’t posted once! In the meantime I’ve been staying busy…


being a mommy to this little baby…

cooking and eating lots of good food with friends…

trying to survive the heat down in good ol’ College Station…

and I am now officially certified as a personal trainer!!!! Praise God!

My passion for fitness and healthy-living has not wavered one bit.  I have so many fitness-related goals for the next year that I’m so excited about!

I hope to keep updating the blog and getting back on track, even if it means short and sweet posts.  This online community blessed me so much last year and it left a gaping hole in my heart!

Here’s to a new start (hopefully) 😀


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If I’d known then,

“When I was a kid…” I swear my dad uses this phrase atleast 8 times a day.  Even I find myself using it around my brother and sister and I’m only 20.  In all honesty, I often think back over the past 8 or so years since I graduated from being a kid into the tumultuous teenage years, and wish I had known then what I know now about life.

And then I found this book laying on my momma’s night stand, fancy that. And I’m already half-obsessed with Letters To My Younger Self.  It’s only more proof that I’m a 70-year old stuck in a 20-year old’s body.

“God sometimes removes a person from your life for protection.  Don’t run after them.” -Rick Warren

This has been the second biggest struggle apart from an ED over the past two years.  Watching most of my “best friends forever” walk out of my life by choice  has been nothing short of hard. There are certain people who I was convinced I needed in my life because we had fun together and I trusted them, and was always questioning God: WHY DO YOU TAKE THESE PEOPLE AWAY FROM ME.  Never being close with my family, I relied on my closest friends.  I chased and chased and chased and chased and chased and felt like a desperate little school girl with a crush to no avail.  Now, it’s easier (not easy though) to let go and trust God that he has my best interests in mind-even when it comes to people.  I wish I had known that people come and go, and it’s all part of God’s hugggeeee plan-not part of my control.

“Some parts of life have to be messy before they can become beautiful.” Natasha Bedingfield

Yes, this is my grandma getting married at age 72. Beauty comes after messy, always.

It goes without saying that this describes the past year of hell.  My life was a mess-no friends, depression, no healthy relationship with food, loneliness, constant mind games, no love or laughter. I would never believe that good could come from all of that; that I would see beauty again.  Guess what though! I do!  (Almost) every day I notice little things that bring so much light to my life.  I laugh again, which is a verb I forgot the meaning of for a while.  I feel love for my friends and family again, and I feel things emotionally.  I’m no longer a brick wall with no heart. God has been working out some beautiful things in my life recently and I. Am. Loving. It.  I wish I had known that a messy life wasn’t the end-all. There’s more to the story than that.

“The only thing keeping you from you want most is yourself. There is more to life than wanting to be accepted and having it all figured out.”-Kristin Brown

Shy and insecure are two words I tacked onto my name for a long time.  Alot of things have flown out of my peripheral because I was too scared to take a chance and didn’t believe that I was good enough YET to accomplish them.  For example, running in college.  I know I’ve touched on my fears before, but I was too scared that I wasn’t fast enough.  I told myself that one day I’d have everything together and then be able to aim for making the team. What else have I kept myself from? Oh just about everything!  Fun, food, friends, travel, experience, college, adventure.  After blaming others for my problems, I wish I had known that I was the roadblock in my own life. 

“Laughter is mandatory.” – Julie Foudy

It really should be a law. Don’t forget to laugh today!


What’s one thing you wish you had known back in the day?



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Post-Christmas blues

So only 5 months until Christmas!  Someone is a little too excited.  Yesterday was celebrated, of course, with Christmas cookies and my all-time fav Christmas CD.  Once December hits, this CD is on repeat all day everyday (and has been for like the past 5 years).

The morning started out with Christmas tree pancakes for the brother.

Post-Zumba last night, we ripped open a bag of sugar cookie mix and became Christmas elves for the night.

Isn’t Kirstyn’s snowman perfect?  Obviously the uglier, messy ones are mine.  No artistic genes reside in me at all.

Seriously, I’m obsessed with Zumba and was able to go back again last night.  Few things could have made last night a better Christmas in July.  Like Jingle All The Way or A Christmas Story.  And hot chocolate.  Except our AC is broken and I’m not drinking a hot drink when it’s 85 degrees inside.


As I recovery and feel myself getting back to normal (& enjoying life!), I’m more willing to reopen those doors with old friends and to start new relationships that are more than welcome to get in the way of my routine.  And as old friendships take root again, I feel myself healing better, faster.

I always thought the friendships were a burden and a wall that I had to get over to the place I wanted to be.  I didn’t want anyone in my business, didn’t want to be hurt.  Psh, I “didn’t need friends”.

But they’re what always got me through and are helping me to take great leaps now.  It’s not easy after I isolated myself for so long, but I do know that my time will be much better spent pursuing friends than selfishly planning out my days around my own schedule.  God’s grace has been SO evident in this area of my life recently, opening so many doors, and most importantly opening my eyes to the importance of love and friendship.

“When we consider the blessings of God—the gifts that add beauty and joy to our lives, that enable us to keep going through stretches of boredom and even suffering—friendship is very near the top.”—Donald W. McCullough, Mastering Personal Growth 


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